Path of Exile Witch Double Arc Totem Summoner Build Guide

Path of Exile Witch Double Arc Totem Summoner Build Guide by PSGMud

New Open Beta Vid

Link to my current talents

This is a glass cannon build that currently is running maps. It can do any map but, chaos of time maps. Well, at least I haven’t tested it on chaos overtime maps. I don’t really want to.

I’m still playing with this build after the Ancestral Bond nerf. Kinda torn atm. My playstyle has changed a bit and is continued to evolve even from the video.

For example, in an indoor map. It can become difficult to use traps without putting yourself in significant danger. So, I use frenzy to gain frenzy charges for 15% extra cast speed. Outdoors maps, tend to be easier overall, but, for most classes this is true. Mobs are alot harder now than they were back before closed beta. Coupled with the Ancestoral bonds nerf, killing speed is significantly lower than what it was before.

To Level Up

Use spark+fork+faster casting. This is a very powerful leveling combination. You may even want to use sparks for your totems end game. This build is entirely an end game build, and you will have to find ways to level up before you can start playing this build. For bosses later on, summon skeleton+spelltotem can indefinitely tank bosses.

Gear selection

Still up in the air for me. As I am trying to adjust to Open Beta, and encourage trying out new things.

Currently I am using a shield, but, end game I will be Dual Wielding Wands with 20%+ faster cast rate on each hand.

I Suggest Saving Alira, in Cruel for the 4% cast speed buff. As, faster cast becomes increasingly stronger end game.

Secondary to your main attack of Arcing Crit Pen totems, minions provide excellent damage and redirection of mobs, so that you can get your totems out without interruption.

Zombies: They protect you, primarily and are good for picking off hard to kill rare mobs.

Skeletons: Use these protect your totems firing at mobs screens away. With high faster cast rate, you should beable to summon 9+ in less than 2 seconds.

Specters:Since mobs have become stronger, Spectres also have become stronger… very much stronger.

One in particular is Burned Miscreation will kill bosses in less than 5-6 seconds. It has a castable aura that burned a percent of HP away, with 2-3 of these bad boys you can pretty much one shot mobs.

Arcing Totems: Faster Casting and Lightning Penetration are the only required gems, with Spelltotem and Arcing. You can choose this to be your 5 or 6 linked armor, but, works fine in 4links.

Curses: The 2 curses you will use are Conductivity, Elemental Weakness. Curses are highly mana intensive, at lvl 17, each will cost 100. Link them with Reduced Mana Cost and Increased Area of Effect. You can obtain a 3rd curse via a unique item, but, it is rather a waste of time, magic find and mana really.

Traps: Remote Traps are more useful than just regular trap support, as regular trap cooldown simply isn’t viably sustainable. Remote traps can actually do significant damage, and one shot many hard to kill rare mobs.
You will use remote traps in group play with slow killing speeds. However, remote traps are a bit buggy atm. Don’t place traps under a totem or against the wall, they might not be able to be detonated.
There are a variety of shotgun type casts you can use with remote traps, that are highly effective.
-Lightning Warp, can do significant aoe damage. But, the cast time can be difficult to deal with.
-Spark can do high burst damage to mobs in range.
-Arc can do the highest burst damage to only 3 mobs if traps are stacked ontop of one another. Even if 1 trap is capable of killing that mob, all trap arcs will target the dead mob. I am currently leveling another Arc to try this out.

Quite simply, lay down your totems, cast Conductivity and Elemental Weakness. Use frenzy to gain frenzy charges for 15% cast rate. Haven’t thought of a good way yet to garrentee a frenzy charge per hit.

Shock is now pretty useful. with very fast casting totems you can actually achieve 120% extra damage on mobs very quickly.

Totems can block doorways, fire around corners and be used as a shield against projectiles. Discipline is the only Aura I use. Arc’s range is really far, and capable of hitting mobs 2+ screens away, our around 4 corners.

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