Path of Exile Witch Basic Caster Build Guide

Path of Exile Witch Basic Caster Build Guide by Secksy

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So, i’m still fairly new as well, but with open beta coming up and lots of new people playing, I made this not only for myself, but to have a general “cookie cutter” type build..even though I hate cookie cutters. The passive tree is intimidating to new players when they first see it, don’t will figure it out!

This is a 71 point build, you should have this completed by level 60 and getting ready for end game.

It basically has no specialized you can use any spells you want.

It has all you need to have fun and not worry about messing up your build beyond playability for your first character. You can also deviate a bit if you need a bit more mana, or defensive skills, this branches out nicely so you can add on easily after you reach level 60.


Mana Regen +100%

Max Mana +28%

Spell Damage +52%

Crit Chance +380%

Crit Multiplier +130%

Cast Speed +18%

Energy Shield +122%


This is for your first play through. This is in no way the most optimum build for fact there is no real optimum build in this game. You can pretty much make any build work if you put some thought and planing into it. However, using this as a guide for your first time through will help you get acquainted with everything.

As with everyone who ever plays this game..your first character will likely be a test character for you. Once you understand the game more, you can roll a new character with your massive knowledge and have some real kick ass fun.

Do NOT get the Chaos Inoculation skill until your energy shield is close to double your health.

For armor, you need to prioritize energy shield and evasion, while still making sure you can use all your gems and support gems.

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