Path of Exile Weapon Elemental Damage Witch Guide

Path of Exile Weapon Elemental Damage Witch Guide by ykyshaeq

build<— click here.
Designed for bow but can be easy respeked for any type of weapon with slightly changes.
On video litle worse build with more dex and 400 lower hp.

Core items and mods.
Kaom’s heart armor for exping after 70lvl
Weapon elemental damage or critical damage multipler+item quantity jewelry
High energy shield+item quantify armor pieces for ranged gamplay.
High hp str armor pieces with increased atack speed mods on jewelry and gloves, heavy belt and onyx amy with +str mod for melee.

high damage slow atack speed bow+black gleam quiver > dualwield high atack speed swords, maces or axes > high atack speed 1h weapons+shield > high atack speed 2h weapons.

lvling 1-70.
Easest way for exping is ranged gameplay, make ranger complite 2 1st quests and get burning arrow+lightning arrow as rewards.
Buy bow from vendor on lvl1, and use this 2 skills.
You need swap burning arrow with elemental hit(drop only skill) fast as it possible.

For passives i recomend 1st get Berserking keystone cause way to it give nice ammount of dexterety that u need for using bows.
After Berserking go for Eldrich battery keystone for increase manapul.
Next go for Catalise and elemental damage passives. When its be complited go for all possible hp keystones.
Stack magic find mods on your items, after 55 lvl start farm fellshrine ruins where u get alot of unique items and orbs for buying Kaoms armor and good weapon. After u get it go to chaos and exp to lvl 100:)

Elemental hit+increased crit damage+weapon elemental damage+mana leech +lesser multi(if 5 socket)
Lightning arrow+lesser multi+weapon elemental damage+item quantify or life leech(if u cant regen hp with flask)
Hatred+anger+wrath+reduced manacost.
Projectiles weakness or Elemental weakness+Temporal chains.

Dualstrike+lifeleech+weapon elemental damage+increased critical damage.
Cleave+faster atacks+lefeleech+weapon elemental damage.
Hatred+anger+wrath+reduced manacost.
Temporal chains or Warlords mark curse
Leap slam.
Enduring cry.

Infernal blow or double strike(depends on weapon type) +lifeleech+weapon elemental damage+increased critical damage.
Or glacial hammer+elemental prolifiration+weapon elemental damage+increase area effect(not tested)
Cleave(sword, axe) or Lightning strike(dagger, claw) or ground slam(mace or sceptre)+faster atacks(Pierce for Lightning strike)+lefeleech+weapon elemental damage.

Flicker strike or Heavy strike or Double strike +increased critical damage+faster atacks+weapon elemental damage.
Sweep(mace, staf or axe) or Cleave(sword or axe), Or Ground slam(mace or staff)+faster atacks+lifeleech+weapon elemental damage.

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