Path of Exile Shadow Dual Wand Build Guide

Path of Exile Shadow Dual Wand (Phys + Ele) Build Guide by Pohx

Hello Everyone, A few people have been coming on my stream lately and asking for the full rundown of my build, that being said I decided to post this unfinished copy of my current Dual Wand Shadow with the help of some viewers! Please let me know how you like it

Selecting Your Weapon.

Your weapon type is probably the most important part of this build. Since this build focuses mainly on the offensive side on PoE this shall be your only form of defense. Your wands want a high Attack Speed Base. Usually 1.3-1.5 However 1.1 is also manageable. Usually you’ll focus on melee weapons till around level 20-30 or if you manage to get great wands, those work too. Some of the best stats you can possibly find would be, IAS( Increased Attack Speed ), + Phys Damage, Added Phys Damage, + Mana. & Increased Crit Damage!

Dual Wield Or Shield? This is entirely up to you. If you would like more damage & IAS

Roll Dual Wands. if you prefer more flat ES ( Energy Shield ) & less damage/IAS, however more Survival. Roll Shield.
Now that we’ve decided our weapon type it’s time to talk about skills!

What Skills am I supposed to use as a wand shadow?


*Phase Run: This Skill serves as your primary form of movement. However it’s also your oh sh*t button. Using Faster casting attached to this skill makes for a great burst of movement whenever you need it!

*Frost Wall: This Skill goes directly with Phase run, you can use it to quickly throw up a wall to hide behind from nasty ranged attacks, Ex, Chamber of sins 3 angry skelly mages who shoot lightning


*Auras I’m Currently running 6-7 Auras. Anger, Hatred, Wrath, Purity, Grace, Discipline & Sometimes Clarity. Each of these auras must be supposed with a ” Reduced Mana ” Support gem. if not, you’re not going to have any way to support your mana. If you’re wondering how you’ll sustain with such a low mana pool, it’s from the passive ” Mind Drinker ” Which offers 2% Mana leech!


Your AoE Attack is going to be your most commonly used spell by far. It’s setup to kill everything before it gets to you. The skills you’re going to be using will be called ” Power Siphon ” Power Siphon is a physical damaging attack only usable by wand weapon types. When a is killed by power siphon it grants you a ” Power Charge ” Which awards you with +50% Crit Rate per power charge. You can have a max of 6 but in this build we’ll be working with 5. You can also get the additional +2% spell damage per charge node, However I don’t really think it does much if anything for power siphon.
Next we’ll be going into what we should attach to it to bring out its full AoE potential!

*Chain: This skill is pretty insane with its potential to seek out targets after your initial skill hits. Basically you’ll throw your power siphon and once it hits the destined target, it’ll then bounce to 3 other targets! each one of these hits are separate from one another, meaning some can miss, crit, etc. However each hit will give you its own leech in life & Mana!

*LMP( Lesser Multiple Projectile ) This skill scales so great with chain, instead of chain only working off 1 hit, with LMP it’ll chain 3X more since you have 3 siphons coming out. Essentially this accounts for 3 Projectile each shooting off 3 chains each at maximum for a possible 27 Hits in one! ( 3x3x3 )

*Item Quantity: This skill is more of a preference for farming, basically it’ll just spike your drop rate by a ton, However it can be replaced with a “Reduced Mana” or plenty other gems

Single Target

This is probably the most fun part of this build! Frenzy is going to be your skill of choice if you want to optimize your damage output. The reason why we pick Frenzy over Power Siphon is due to the fact that Frenzy scales exponentially well off Frenzy Stacks. Not only does it gain the Aspd off its charges, it also gains additional Damage & Aspd off its own charges. That being said, My frenzy right now on full stacks is at a .26 Second cast time ( 3 Stacks ) This makes up for your low accuracy since you hit so quickly! Additionally every time you crit you also Knockback with the ” Powerful Blast ” Passive.!
Support Gems I like to attack with it:

*Critical Stike Chance: The more you crit, the more you knockback. In this build you’ll easily have over a 500%+ Critical Multiplier, How could you not take this support gem?

*Critical Strike Damage: This Gem Amplifies all your critical damage by an insane amount, Enough said.

*Faster Attacks: using this you can get Frenzy down to an insanely low attack speed! Faster attacks = More Crit = More Damage = More Knock back


The two curses i’v found to be the most efficient in this build are the following

*Projectile Weakness: This will be your AoE curse, what I mean by this is you’ll basically throw it down on large packs of mobs and unleash your power Siphon Fury! This curse Gives Reduced Evasion towards projectiles which is a godsend for this build. You do lack Accuracy which is why this curse is so amazing. Not only does it do that, it also adds a chance at knock back, Pierce & increases Damage dealt!

*Critical Weakness: You may be wondering why you’re using a different curse and what exactly is this curse for? Well the sad truth is Frenzy isn’t considered a ” Projectile ” Therefore our other curse doesn’t work for it. This curse is simply used only for Bosses ( Brutus, Mervil, Vaal etc ) or challenging monsters. With this curse on it amplifies your critical damage of frenzy Even more, it’s absolutely insane!

Self Buffs

Bloodrage: Thankfully we only have to sustain one self buff in this build. Bloodage essentially grants you Leech Life which is converted into ES due to ” Ghost Reaver ” This skill helps you so much on your sustain against reflect mobs, it pretty much gives you all your sustain. It’s not too hard to keep up as if you kill a monster will the buff on it’ll refresh. The cool thing about this skill is it grants you a free Frenzy charge when you kill a monster under the affects of it!


These are key parts in your build on sustaining your mana pool, adding damage, and even giving you free resistances!

IF you guys enjoyed this guide, Please let me know and I can finish it up, I’ve only posted about 10% of the actual guide. If you would like to see this build in action feel free to check me out at

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Ingame Name: Xpoh

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