Path of Exile Marauder 2X Axe Guide

Path of Exile Marauder 2X Axe Mini-Guide by MaximumSquid

Just a small warning; melee is very boring in this game. . .
You likely be doing 1 or 2 attacks for the entire length of your character’s adventure

1 handed Axe does the highest DPS in the game
Using 2 at the same time blows away 2Handed weapons with a few exceptions like Double Strike
Does 2x Axe have better DPS at endgame with passives like Adder’s Touch available?

Well that’s a very good question, but as I don’t have all the answers you’ll have to make your own decisions based on the info presented (also why this is a Mini-Guide)

Here’s your rough passive outline for normal: (click me!)

Update: I may go this route instead (click me!)

Your DPS progression on Duel Strike will be something like this:

Level 15: 200 DPS if you have 2 Iron rings and DMG gloves
Level 30: 580 DPS if you crafted +20% Superior DMG blues
Level 40: 3k+ DPS if you 3 linked Duel Strike with both +DMG support gems + “adds fire” gem

Before 40 though you’ll want to go up left side of the skill web for Resolute Technique
As listed in most Marauder Guides it adds a lot of DMG and is almost always a must have

This is what your progression should continue to look like going forward: (click me!)

The key to the build is getting as many 1H and raw physical damage bonuses as you can since they effectively apply twice (you will notice that I stay away from most duel wield trees)

At anytime if things get rough you can throw points into Steel Skin
I got to Act 3 Cruel without any passive defensive bonuses and this is why:


I’d activate Molten Shell and immediately use a +99% defense mana flask tripling my armor

You can use Determination to crank it up even higher, but I typically run Haste

Other useful skills are Level 6 Warlord’s Mark for the 2% Mana Steal
Decoy Totem which starts off awful, but quickly gets good
and Cleave to mini stun packs champions and other swarm mobs

A trick I was doing for a while to survive casters was to keep rings in my inventory of the specific elemental and just equip them while fighting these mobs

Between this and a life flask that adds resist you should easily be at max resist for area you’re in or for harder bosses like Vaal

For End game you will want to try and get 2 more damage mods linked onto Duel Strike
Most likely Faster Attacks and Elemental Damage

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