Path of Exile Duelist Smiter Aura Build Guide

Path of Exile Duelist Smiter Aura Build Guide by CNKalmah

This is a little something I’ve been playing around with for the last while. High life/damage mitigation combined with a fast and hard hitting attack and max block.

Aim : Build uses shield charge to stunlock opponent and runs 6 auras + Tempest shield to gain a significant advantage.

Grabs :
Iron Reflexes to help mitigate damage
Unwavering stance to nullify block animations and stunlock
Celerity to Increase move speed
Inner Focus to maximize aura potentials.

Build (35)

Build (85) – Grabbing Inner Focus Last

Important points :
Attack speed on Shield Charge increases the movement speed of the attack animation, Thus, the players’ base movement speed also affects the time between casts.

Picking up -20% Mana reserved in the passive section.
Mana Reduction supports give a maximum multiplier of 0.71, it will not be possible to run ALL of the % Based auras listed until the gems are sufficiently leveled.

Very important to note, with passives, tempest shield & crest of perandus you will have 74% Block rate until picking up inner focus.

Stats (In relation to the build)
Int: Fairly useless for the build, passives cover all int requirements for skills.
Dex: 1% Evasion per 5 points – Important for survival.
Str: Health & Melee Damage – Important for survival & DPS.


(4-6 Link Chestpiece) Primary attack : Shield Charge, Melee Physical Damage, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks, Weapon Elemental Damage, Added Fire Damage

(4 Link) Secondary : Cleave, Faster Attacks, Melee Physical Damage, Blood Magic

Auras :

(3 Link) Purity, Hatred, Reduced Mana Cost
(4 Link) Tempest Shield, Increased Critical Strikes, Elemental Proliferation, Reduced Mana Cost
(3 Link) Vitality, Determination, Reduced Mana Cost
(4 Link) Blood Magic, Grace, Wrath, Reduced Mana Cost


Amulet : Karui Ward, Jade Amulet – Gives 10% Movement speed, Strength, Dexterity.

Helm : Any armor / evasion – Ideally gives +Life, High defense, resists.

Chest : Assassin’s Garb – This Evasion chest provides a base +3% Movement Speed. Modifiers ideally have +Life, High Evasion, Resists.

Weapon : 1H Vaal Hatchet – Has high physical damage & IAS mods. Vaal Hatchet has the best rounded Damage : APS in the axe category. Axes also have the highest damage but no implicit.
(Keep in note, accuracy is note a factor for Shield Charge since it is 100% Hit rate)

Shield : Crest of Perandus – Helps max block, +Life, Life Leech. For PVP have Saffell’s Frame unique on swap to combat spells.

Rings : Any – Have high resists, +Life, +Physical Damage/IAS.

Boots : Any – MUST have 30% Increased Movement Speed, don’t worry about anything else.

Gloves : Slitherpinch gloves or rares with IAS & Life – Slitherpinch offers high dex (+evasion%) and some decent life leech.

Belt : Leather Belt – Has +Physical damage and High life roll.

General Play

For PvE I generally stick to cleave, since shield charge is not an AoE Skill cleave does the trick.

Tempest shield + Increased Crit/Ele Prolif help deliver lots of shock stacks increasing damage taken by enemies.

Depending on gear, Purity can be swapped for haste, to help maximize damage output. Don’t sacrifice survival however.

End build!

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