Orcs Must Die Barricade Blocking Guide

Orcs Must Die Barricade Blocking Guide by hugh rist

Barricade blocking + Wind Belt grab strategy: Successful

Barricade blocking:

Barricade blocking is placing barricades in certain locations to block the enemies from getting to the rift. The enemies will stand in front of the barricades or run in circles without attacking them, like this. Sappers will still destroy them, though, and gnoll hunters will still climb over them. This is probably caused by the AI instructing the enemies to walk away from a barricade, then walk back toward it to avoid another barricade or to move toward a rift. The enemies are getting stuck in an infinite loop and trapped in a space.

To find the barricade blocking locations, go into War Mage and place the barricades around until the blue streaks slow down and hover or circle in front of the barricades. If the blue streaks stop and disappear, that means the barricades will be attacked. If a blue streak turns before it gets close to a barricade like this, that means it will be attacked if all paths to the rift are blocked. If a blue streak turns sharply when it gets close like this, that means it will be avoided. In order to trap the enemies, all the barricades must be in locations where they will be avoided.

Barricade blocking + Wind Belt grab on Killing Fields:

  • Just block off the level using the barricade locations shown below.
  • Build your killbox. My killbox here was built for x10 combos. (Archer, pounder.) It works on orcs and kobolds.
  • Use the Wind Belt’s Force Grab to put the enemies into the killbox. It will add one combo point.
  • Video of a basic x10 combo kill here. Using the crossbow stun was Rogotin’s idea seen here.
  • Put on a movie to keep yourself from getting bored. It’s like grinding in an RPG. Each wave takes about 12 minutes.
  • Watch out for the sappers on waves 11 and 12.

Barricade blocking locations:

The Hallway
The Fork – wave 1, waves 2-4
The Corner
The Baths
Runner’s Alley – top, bottom
Overpass – left, right
Twin Halls – left, right
Lunch Break – upper, lower
The Stream – top, middle, bottom
Sludge Hole – upper, lower
Chaos Chamber – upper, lower
Chokepoint – side gates only, center gate only, all gates – top, middle 1, 2 :)
The Arena – top, left
The Balcony – early waves (push the paladin forward and let it get killed on wave 1,) later waves
The Tower
Library – top, middle
The Bridge – left, right
Killing Fields – left, center, right
Rebirth – left, center, right
Hard Climb – left, right, after wave 3 – left, right (let the ogres kill the paladins)
The Squeeze – top, bottom
Stairs of Doom – left, right 1 or 2
Finale – top 1, 2, right 1, 2, bottom 1, 2, left 1, 2
Double Trouble – left, right
Reverse Tower
The Pit – left, center or center 1, 2, right
Triple Down – left, center, right
Great Gorge – wave 1, wave 2-12 – left, right

Advanced Barricades Guide by Rogotin

Huh? Yeah .. go figure. No I know what you’re thinking. ‘You put the block in the way and the orc turns around.’ yeah seems simple right? Well .. it isn’t. High score depends on maximizing pathing. traps, and combo potential early. And one block that you can save is 700 moon dust you can use. (hehe moon dust).


Advanced Pathing is tricking the AI into thinking there is not enough room to pass, using one block instead of 2, 3, or several. In my video, I use 6-7 blocks total to path the entire of THE ARENA into a kill zone. Rocking a 3rd place score to boot. Feel free to watch below.
How? Easy. You need to create a space which is ONE BLOCK to pass. This works on some and most levels. What that means is —

  • Situation – 2 bockades can fit – WXXW
    In this case, you want to put a single blockade between the X’s. This will make the path small enough that the AI has decided that it can’t get through. You’ve just saved 700 moon dust, and to boot — any overflow will simply find path through it rather than destroying yoru barricade.
  • Situation – 4 blockades can fit – WXXXXW
    This scenario is a little trickier, but can be pathed with only TWO barricades, not THREE. Putting the two barricades in an awkward position side by side in the center, you can force the orcs to believe there is a better path. How do you know it’ll work? Use the blue lines — if they bounce around and go the other direction its highly likely the orcs will follow that path.
  • *NOTE* – Kobold Runners 
    Sometimes the little *** find a way through your blockade, this is why you MUST try the technique on WARMAGE difficulty first, before going to nightmare. This is rare and only on a few levels.


There are very few rules — but if you follow these basic guidelines you’ll be fine:

  • WARMAGE Difficulty First! You need to figure out where guys are gonna go. In nightmare you don’t have the time to do it.
  • ONLY ONE BLOCK SPACE CAN BE LEFT OPEN AND HAS TO BE BY A WALL If a single block space is open between two barricades, the AI will take it, and may destroy your blockade.


TheArena – Warmage – Score 197,020 ** Works on Nightmare More videos to come if people are interested. :)

Here’s a video demonstration of THE ARENA using SIX TOTAL BLOCKADES — each corridor requires 2 to block. And the corner piece requires 3. Usually for this tecnhique you would use 9 ish blockades. With SIX I was able to maximise my kill potential by spending more on traps earlier.
Watch it Here!

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