Orcs Must Die 2 Difference between Combos and Killstreaks

Orcs Must Die 2 Difference between Combos and Kill Streaks by Rogotin

Ok this is getting a little silly. It seems a lot of players can’t tell the difference between a combo and a kill streak. Here is the definitive explanation of Killstreaks and Combos and why they are different.


Your kill streak is how many orcs, ogres and other you manage to kill in sequence without too much gap between each kill. This does not drastically increase your final high score. This does increase how much coin you acquire after the kill streak ends. You get a bonus depending on how many you’ve managed to kill in a short time. This number depending on how many you kill in rapid succession, and has nothing to do with what traps you choose to use.

Kill streaks look like this:

These are not prized by the veteran community as they are easily acquired by simply loading the whole level with boom barrels and using them like a domino effect. Often you will find that these are not talked about.


Combo’s work by how many different trap types hit an orc (other) before it dies (or before it stops ragdolling). Each trap can add a single combo point before upgrades are added, some upgrades increase the amount of combo points it can apply.

A combo of arrow wall, tar trap and spikes can only ever create a x3 combo; regardless of how many arrow walls, how much tar or how many spikes the orc hits along the way.

With OMD2 you can now add upgrades, some upgrades add different effects. Each effect adds +1 to the combo. For instance if we made spikes cause bleed and arrow wall set the target on fire this would be a total combo of x5 assuming the orc manages to get hit by all three individual traps and the bleed and fire is applied to the orc before it dies.

Fire effects, bleed effects etc do not seem to stack (may be changed later, more testing is necessary) you can not set something on fire twice to increase the combo effect.

Your combo’s can be found here:

And at the end of each level you can find it under your statistics next to BIGGEST COMBO not next to biggest kill streak as per this screen shot:
Combo’s are highly prized by the omd veteran comunity because they increase the amount of points the dying orc gives with each combo point.

As yet the combos in OMD2 points aren’t know (at least I don’t know them) in OMD1 they worked like this:

Combo x3
Combo x4
Combo x5
Combo x6
Combo x7
Combo x8
Combo x9
Combo x10
Combo x11
Combo x12
Combo x13
Combo x14

This value is PER INDIVIDUAL and does not apply in any way shape or form to a blanket number of orcs.
It is a highly prized number as getting a single combo as high as x14 nets 409,600 points for a single kill.

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