Natural Selection 2 Cyst Spam Guide

Natural Selection 2 Cyst Spam Guide by MaximumSquid

Here’s one of the highlights that won me a game by itself:

Using cyst spam to deny computer lab made marines take 2 or 3 times as long to secure the node
This gave my team more than enough time to rally and boot out any one axing or reloading their gun on the cysts

Crossroads which was completely undefended remained unchallenged by anyone for over 5 min and very little action after that

What’s really interesting is that it didn’t work nearly as well when I did it in another game at Reactor Core:

So while denying works you need to pick the best rooms for it as RC is much easier for marines to take over

A similar strat is to drop a hive to deny a tech point (very expensive)

I found cyst spamming to be a much cheaper alternative:

Probably the biggest test of cyst spam though was a game that went for over 30 minutes where my team had 5 or 6 res nodes, but could not get a second hive

I was reverse res locked at 200 and spent the whole game lining the halls with cysts until the marines finally got flamethrowers

Bottom line:
It’s a very, very inexpensive way to buy your team time when your first hive isn’t a shift

Don’t forget you can hallucinate a hive for 15tres to deny command points.

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