Mortal Online Newbie Tips and Tricks

Mortal Online Newbie Tips and Tricks by Wyndorn

Hey guys, I’ve been helping out various new players around Toxai, and I thought I’d just start compiling a list, with your help, of the little things that trip people up in the beginning and other simple guidance tips. I’ll add any good ones to the main post here (so scrolling through the whole thread isn’t necessary). Eventually I will come back and reorganize the items into something more readable, as well.

Don’t Learn the Hard Way!

  • A good first-goal for a new player is to save up 10 silver for a Reading book. The easiest way to do this is chopping wood or picking mushrooms and selling to the mushroom vendor in the starting area.
  • You cannot mine or chop wood while dual wielding (including holding a torch
  • When using a vendor, you have to place an equal amount of coin/items on his side, to even out the deal
  • Do not jump in water carrying more than just a few pounds (kilos?) of items in your inventory, you will drown if you don’t destroy it.
  • You can only pay for books in Silver
  • To regain health, talk to the Fighter Tutor and get the Resting skill.
  • One of the best ways to raise STR, DEX and CON is to attack Pigs and then block their attacks for as long as possible. Eventually you’ll be able to block 5+ at once and take basically no damage, but your stats will soar.
  • Sometimes you might see your health drop for no reason — this is actually your health cap increasing due to stat gain.
  • Use the bank often, all your possessions can be looted, if you are killed
  • The standard “say” chat (just typing in the chat window without a special command) has a limited range — people can’t hear you if they’re too far away
  • Use /y to yell in the chat.
  • /w can whisper people (also known as /tell in other games), but you have to have them on your friends list. /r can reply to the last person that sent you a whisper, but its bugged and doesn’t always work
  • Press F to use your friends list to add people to it. It is a mutual-approval system, so your friend request can be denied. Sometimes it says it was denied when it really wasn’t, though, lol.

That’s all I got for now! Add some more, people! Looking for very basic or annoying things that you had to learn the hard way!

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