Mortal Online Nave Beginner’s Guide

Mortal Online Nave Beginner’s Guide by Dsn

this is a beginners guild and will not contain any advanced stuff.(you can PM me on the forums or post here if you need help.)

lets start with race. there are 4 races in nave but some are considered “useless”…
races :

  1. Human they are good for pure mages and crafters specifically Sarducan age 50 to 60
  2. Alvarin vary fast but low in Str and Con cap good for hit and run and thief’s.
  3. Oghmir are vary high in str con Int and psy but low in size and Dex.
  4. Half breed have high Str and Con and size and some combination’s have high Dex psy and Int good for evrything except pure mage and crafters,butchers.

Half breed would be good for most PvP and PvE and that would also be the race i will be talking about.

if you want more speed and dont want to use bow you can have Thursar-Khurite.
if you want to use bows you will have to be Thusar-Kallard.
both at the age of 30(change a bit if you dont like the stat caps).

next is points spending and looks.
looks are more or less not important set them as you want.
as for the points max out size(because you cant change it afterwords) and the rest in Dex(because you will be vary slow in the start).

for now i will only talk about butchers and PvE’s because that is the easy and fun way to get money…. if you want something else there are lots of other guides in this forum.

next is how you chose your name…
i dont want to limit your name choice but i have to recomend short names with 3 to 5 letters(easy to remember and easy to whisper).

next comes the choice of town you want to be in there are lots of towns but some are not for new players like you…
i recommend Meduli for any PvP/PvE guy for a starting location.

hope you start in meduli because i will be talking about it only but the same can be apply-ed to most other towns.

first i will talk about PvP/PvE .
as you start in meduli look around a bit and go to the fountain and turn right to the pig’s(may or may not be there) and open inventory(press i ) and equip sword by pressing right click on it but dont equip pickaxe because it cant be used for dmg-ing if you want to dis-equip than press P and right click on the thing you want to dis-equip to get your sword out press X to put it away press X again. also in the player scr (press P) you will see your stats set the stats INT and PSY to minus (-) so those skills dont grow(you dont need them as PvP/PvE). o and press L to see your skills there are some icons move them to the bar above as you want but i recommend to place sleep and rest at 9 and 0.

start by hitting a pig and try to kill it if you get handle hits you are doing it wrong and need to get the sword part only to hit the pig.

as you do this you will get skills…(if you have time jump a around a bit by pressing space to skill up athletics to at lest 15(you get new skill then(sprinting)))

to max out stats fast just block pigs(stat with one and in 10 min get more the more the better) and/or cut wood(the trainer for it is in town by the fountain).

as for how much you need to skill up that i leave up to you depending on what you want to be.

if you want to be fast max out Dex
if you want to carry lots of stuff get CON and STR.
if you want lots of HP get CON.
if you want to have dmg bonus (70 and higher) get STR
if you want to use bows you need to max out STR.

as you have done all of the above..

the next thing you need to do is earn some money and that can be dont by killing animals and bringing back carcass with you to sell to a butcher.
the animals you can kill are vary limited and are Wiesel, rabbit,Pig,Springbok

from that springbok gives the fastes money. just kill a few and bring it back to town.
now spam some (for yelling /y) /y WTS Springbok got Xk
X(being how much you have) springbok can be sold for 1.8 to 3g but the max worth is 3.1g.
if you get enough money you can buy a new playe made metal sword (cheep one OC) that will speed up the killing and money making.

as you get money them next thing you need to buy is a horse and bags for it. a horse can be equipped by press P and press the part where you see mount and equip the bags (small bags are good enough) mounts can carry 51,250 units of weight but most people count that in as 50k and also this speeds up money making.

there are books that can help you skill up faster and let you learn new skills.
but a skill you will need in the future is anatomy, athletics, armor training…. and much more….

the rest is up to you.

now for butchers: butcher’s are the most conman alts in nave but the players mostly use them only for themselves and not to make business with newbie’s so you will in some point need a butcher for yourself.

being a butcher is easy and safe you just need to go to extractor tutor and learn the skill and buy a book crafting application’s(just 10 silver) and go to your main and send carcass via town mail or some friend pig is best for fast start and after that just do what you get.
to butcher start with skinning knife(everyone has one o and move the skill from skill book press L) and butcher untill butchering application’s is 30 and now move to butchering table and butcher there. there will be no need for a butcher to go out of town for any reason from that point on… just send carcass via mail from PvP/PvE main to butchering alt also you can offer butchering services to someone for free to get skill up.

you need to read books to learn new skills and to skill up the old ones faster.

there is only one other thing and that is guild…

look around on the forums post that you want a guild with your info or look in town for a guild they will help you in any way they can and that will be your next lvl of being.

any question’s above this point you can ask your guild mates or PM me or post here.


  1. To get cooking to max in no time just buy the book and stand near water and cook the water you will max out cooking and advanced cooking in 30 min.
  2. Toxai has a cave in the guarded zone in which you can find calamine that can be sold to vendor for 9 c per unit. 90 to 240 unites per pile and there are usually 7 to 12 piles vary fast earn for no skill and no risk.
  3. Best city for fast learning is Meduli pigs are near and you can see when rpks are coming and can go back to guarded zone fast but hes lots of griefers and other .
  4. Safest town is Toxai the guarded zone is enormous and no one can shoot arrows at you perfect place to start as woodcutter or miner or fisher but the pigs are far and there is only one in and out of the town and low to no butchers.
  5. Meduli is the best place to be a butcher,PvE,PvP…
  6. if you have money buy a metal player made sword the worn sword doesnt do that much dmg.
  7. with a worn sword the highest money for PvE you can earn is for springbok(max of 3.1 g per 10k).
  8. also 1kg is 100 units and 1k is 1000 units coins weight only half as much.
  9. every few hours some random stuff will happen to you like a guy asks you does this shield look nice and you say it looks coooool and he gives one to you. or a guy comes from nowhere on a mount and asks who wants a mount you say i want one and he gives you his…. this happens at random and cant be controlled but the longer you stay on the more often it will happen.
  10. here is a tactical map of myrland
  11. you can use /r to whisper someone you last whispered.(it is much faster then doing a (full whisper) /w [name] [text])


  • staying logged in and AFK is a bad idea.(someone can kill you or rob you and so on)
  • staying in one spot for too long is a bad idea too.(someone can rob you and so on)
  • trying to fight a red on your own is freaking nuts.
  • don’t try to hit someone just because they have low health and especially if you are in town.(you cant do much dmg, they may have friends, they may hunt you down and kill you all day on.)
  • pickaxe doesnt do dmg so dont think it is and axe.
  • water it is dangerous if you have more than 1000 units in you inventory you cant swim if you have more then 1000 units in inv so and so you will drown so you need to delete some staff in inv to get under 1000 so you dont die.
  • you can jump in water from 1000 meters and get 0 dmg but hit a rock and you get 12313128170138586919818971890247 dmg.
  • there a lot of griefers and murderers in the world of nave and until you are ready stay near the guarded zone.
  • as you are new dont go out of the town at night.
  • there is fraud and deception in MO too some people sell pig recipients as horse recipients some sell steel swords as tungsteel ones some give you poised food to kill you or grief you some will try to sell you a house they dont own and so on…

How to not get robbed and ganked in town

1. not be in Fabernum(starting town) chose any other town.
2. always bank all stuff you dont need.
3. always carry more then 100(90) units in one sack(item box) and items with more then 100 weight.(starter items like pickaxe and starter sword dont count(cant or will not be stolen like any item with 0 weight)).
4. always move around not stay in one position for too long(more then 10-20 seconds).
5. bank stuff when you see a criminal they are easy to spot because of the way they walk behind people and behind you(also other ways).
6. always double tab to have x on the middle of the screen.
7. always have your horse on passive(ask for the horse to be passive when buying it. or if you already bought it find a Friend that can fix that for you.)

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