Modern War Non Turtling, No Gold Guide

Modern War No Turtling, No Gold Guide by nighthunter

I’ve been playing MW since 12/18/11, I haven’t touched Crime City and I am not responsible for the correctness of anything in this post.

Let’s break the data down here, how much does a stamina, an energy, an attack/defense point worth anyway?

While it is hard to determine the values for stamina and A/D points, thanks to the loot farming missions, it is actually quite easy to quantify the value of EPs.

In map “Insurgent Camp”, the “Insurgent Leader” is guaranteed to drop a desert leader = scout = 1000$ plus 50-465$ in cash with no requirement for 15 EP. So, (1000+250)/15=83 is roughly how much 1EP worth, at least for the first 30-40 levels or so. Put it in Income per Hour? 15000$/Hr worth of cash!

Say you have a 1000 EP bar, then when it’s fully charged in 5Hr 30 minutes, you can collect 83*1000=83000$ worth of price – Better than any of the money buildings you can have in early game!

Because of the highly uncertain income from attacking/raiding, and the even higher possibility of losing units, it is very hard to set a value for stamina. IMO 5 SP could be tight but 10 SP (fully charged in 30 mins) should be enough in most cases not just because I like even number.
Ok now get to the point, why not camping?

Besides no fun at all? Because it’s not efficient. 1. It takes the same amount of time to build the money and unit buildings, camping or not. 2. Since you are not leveling if you camp, you lose a HUGE chunk of income from leveling EPs and doing missions (raiding and attacking are usually not consider profitable). and 3. There’s no way to build a strong army or alliance network if you camp.
How to pick a fight: LOOK FIRST! Don’t just attack anyone in your list, use the raid button and look at your rival’s profile. You will know who you can win and who you shouldn’t touch. Don’t use the revenge button when you got attacked/raided. It will mark your name on your opponent’s wall and he/she can come back and bite you anytime he/she desires to do so.

How to build an army: Build/upgrade you money building, expand your base before spending the last dime you have on troops. Start with meat shields, a lot of them; don’t bother to spend too much on navy/air force before you have enough meat. Defense comes first if you got attacked too often (never happened to me somehow). Don’t spend valor on valor units (because they will die and die quick) until you found many of your rivals are stronger than you – Now Valor units are keys to your success.

How to level: Do the missions, PVE and PVP, but hold off on the building sequence ones. Put couple skills points on SP and boost it to 6 or 7, then put every single skill point on energy. Since you will get a fully recharged EP and SP bar each time you level, plan ahead and empty your EPs first because they take much longer to charge, and they are much more valuable. I stopped putting points on EP when I hit 1000 energy because I felt 5:30 recharge time is reasonable and I like even numbers. I put points on attack thereafter. Why? Because defense is much easier to build than offense, among all the MW players I visited, allies or rivals, very few, if not none at all, have a higher offense than defense.
How should I build my base: Expanse the base and the vault as soon as you have money and the last expansion completes. Build every money building, wait till you have a strong eco system before building advanced unit buildings, keep leveling your money buildings and think twice before you level up your unit buildings.

What else? Couldn’t think of any ATM.

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