MMDOC Necro Sample Deck Build Guide

Might & Magic Duel of Champions Necro Sample Deck Build Guide by jyujinkai

This is a work in progress deck, as I have not really got the best collection.. I am heading to level 9 now.. so I might be able to improve it after I get my next 10 pack of boosters. For now I am just using gold between bonus levels to get hero packs as I wish to collect all the heroes.

I would love any suggestions on improving and refinement.

The deck idea came from the weekly card spotlight on the Fate Spinner. The general chat in that area was that Necro needs to mainly focus on getting over whelming board position. I think that necro has a very strong selection of magic, I mean nothing like fire.. but still some very good spells. So this decks focus is to try and put poison counters on other creatures (disease), place de-buffs on other creatures (decay) and direct destruction (Death). I call this Decay, Disease, Death or 3D for short, and any permutation of this deck I will just call a “3D Deck”. So a 3D deck trying to win though controlling the board, not over whelming it.

You only need 3 Might to run this deck, and 6 magic, every other point you can pump into card draw. Your plan is to keep the other players board clear, or steal his creatures. Cleaver use of Contagion can really make a big difference by bouncing it to your vamps (who regen after) and getting it back on the enemy. These games are a bit slower than rush decks (as you would expect) but once you are in control you feel like you are in little danger of loosing.

3D (v0.1)


  • Mother Namtaru, Invoker of Death

Events (5)

  • 3x Week of Taxes
  • 1x Month of Emerald Song
  • 1x Week of Weaponsmiths

Creatures (21)

  • 5x Wretched Ghoul
  • 5x Lingering Ghost
  • 5x Plague Skeleton
  • 4x Vampire Knight
  • 2x Plague Zombie

Spells (29)

  • 2x Dispel Magic
  • 2x Eternal Winter
  • 3x Agony
  • 3x Weakness
  • 2x Blizzard
  • 5x Death Seal
  • 5x Icy Weapon
  • 1x Shadow Image
  • 4x Spell Twister
  • 2x Puppet Master
  • 2x Curse of the Netherworld

Fortune (0)

As I said this deck needs work.. but it is working pretty well. I have been winning a bit with it, but I am still having some real problems vs the stronghold fire/destruction deck. There are many cards I would drop for more of a single type.

Things to try..

This hero starts with 1 fortune so some of the 1 cost fortunes might help.. I would go more into this but the app just errored saying “you are already logged in” and then booted me to the login screen and now I can not log in and get the??? error message.. so um.. well.. I guess I’ll come back to this thread latter.

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