MMDOC Inferno Rush Deck Build Guide

Might & Magic Duel of Champions Inferno Rush Deck Build Guide by Le.Rancord

So this is a pretty standard Inferno Rush deck that needs allmost only common cards and will be very effective. This is certainly a Beginner deck to get some wins piled up. The goal of this deck is to get as many 3min wins as possible. If the enemy has a bad starting hand, he can usually not recover. With mostly commons, you can assemble the deck quit fast from an inferno starter deck, and cheat in some wins even against 1k ratings. The Deck sacrifices consistency and lategame, for really getting the early wins done. With the 4 slots you can do some small adaptions to meta *Add discards if stronghold Cyclop decks are around*:

Heroes (1):
Garant, Seeker of Discord *standard champion* or
Xorm, Champion of the Abyss

Generally Xorm is better, since if you go 2nd you might get a Juggernaut or Ravager out a turn early, while with Garant this cannot happen only if you go first. But Teleport is quit a strong spell and can win you games, and Garant is in the starter Deck. Teleport can be used as reach damage to deal the final damage and also you could teleport your juggernaut in front of an enemy jugg/ravager to kill them easily. Without Teleport this gets harder to do.

Free Slots (4):
You could add some Discard Fortunes or Pao-Deathseeker here or even more units like cerberus.
I personally use: 1 Dark Assassin, 2 PAO Deathseekr, 1 Garant’s Purge here

Units (25):
5x Demented *If you get some Dark Assassin feel free to use them*
5x Succubus
5x Juggernaut
5x Lilim *substitute would be lesser fire elemental*
3x Ravager *the air elemental is ok until you get them*
2x Pit Fiend *Can be Replaced easily*

Spells (11):
5x Firebolt
3x Fireball *Without that you are toast against light. Also good in Mirror matches, to get rid of juggernauts/Ravagers placed in a empty line when u got no teleport to handle them*
3x Inner Fire / Teleport *Use Inner Fire with Xorm, and Teleport with Garant*

Fortunes (10):

5x Altar of Destruction *Keep them in Hand until you deliver the killing blow*
5x Pile of Gold *Mostly here to cheat in play a Monster a turn earlier if you go first. If you play Xorm this even works when you go 2nd*

Events (5):

5x Month of the Dancing Flames *Replace with Week of the Mercenaries, once you get them*

FAQ: *Depends mostly if questions get asked in the thread*

Why do you not use Maniac in a rush deck?
I completly use Pile of Gold as my one drop. Also Inferno has so many Melee drops, that you get cought in an Aoe way easier with Maniac, or he is using up the space you need for bigger crreatures.

Wich creatures not in the deck would do ok asside from obious Dark Assassin and Pao, Deathseeker?
Cerberus, Chaos Imp, more Ravager, more Pit fiends

Why no Doombringer/Chaos Sorcerror/Abyssal Lord/Pit Lord?
A single Doombringer can be ok, but mostly you are the one playing the guys on the field, so you can rarly play him *I had him in an earlier verion* The others are to expensive for what the deck wants to achieve. Gold Pile and Altar of Destruction clearly state for an early game, since you sacrifice card advantage.

Wich enemies can I beat?
Since you are fast you can beat any deck, but I found out that you can overrun necro pretty good as long as you deploy your good units on an empty line. He needs at least 4 Magic to effectivly deal with Juggernaut/Ravager.

Wich is the hardest matchup?
Haven, because your biggest Problems are Holy Pretorians and Elite Squire along with Sandalphon, since Inferno has no flyers. You kinda rely on Firebolts/Balls there and that your enemy does not have allways the right guard at the right timee.

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