MechWarrior Tactics Basic Gameplay FAQ

MechWarrior Tactics Basic Gameplay FAQ by miSs

Q: Can you expand on how the turns proceed? Specifically: Is there any kind of initiative or other ‘speed’ factor beside how far you can move per turn?

A: The only thing that influences how far a ‘Mech may move during a turn are that ‘Mech’s “Movement Points” (MP). ‘Mechs are able to walk or run and, if they have Jump Jets, they may also take to the sky (albeit for a limited time!). A ‘Mech’s current amount of MP can be affected by damage to the legs, terrain and heat level. Initiative is a concept that MWT uses to break ties. Due to the “double blind” movement declarations that each player will plan during their turn, there is a chance that each player will choose the same destination hex as their opponent. Whoever has the Initiative will be allowed to move into that hex and the player without will have their ‘Mech moved to a hex close to the destination.
Initiative is randomly decided at the beginning of a match and awarded to a player. At the end of each turn, the Initiative is passed to the next player.

Q: How does the game decide when you shoot vs. when you move?

A: In MWT, each of the players declare their turns simultaneously. Once all turns have been submitted, the game displays the results and the next turn starts.

The turn sequence for MWT is as follows:

  • Declare your weapon attacks for the turn for each ‘Mech.
  • Plan the movement for the turn for each ‘Mech by choosing your desired destination hex.
  • Commit the turn.
  • Watch the awesome cinematic outcome of the turn you just planned!

The awesome cinematic outcome is all handled automatically by a whole bunch of magical code to ensure that the whole thing looks as badass as possible.

Q: Can I set an order along the lines of “Wait here, shoot if anything comes within your range”? e.g. reaction fire.

A: There are no “reactive” orders in MWT. A large part of the strategy is trying to predict where your opponent will move and fire. All of your planning for each turn will be acted upon at the end of that turn during the cinematic replay.

Q: Will it be possible to design custom “private” battles/campaign for friends online?

A: MWT will allow for custom Mission configurations by allowing players to select a number of Mission Parameters, such as turn length, Map and Allowed Combat Value.
MWT won’t have a built in campaign, but there is nothing from stopping players from creating and maintaining their own metagame outside of the official game. In fact, we are very excited to see what the community comes up with!

Q: Can you make targeted shots for specified hit locations?

A: All the hit locations are randomized, but are weighted, in order of most to least likely to be hit: Center Torso, Left/Right Torso, Left/Right Arm, Left/Right Leg, Head.

Q: How are the game maps generated, do I chose a map and tune it, or will one be randomly assigned when 2 players agree to a game?

A: All of the maps are generated by the MWT design team and are not tunable by the player. When creating a custom match with friends, the player who starts the match selects the map.
If searching for a random match, a player can select their preferred maps and the matchmaking system will attempt to find a match with those preferences.

Q: Do our mech pilots gain experience or any skills? / If they gain XP or Skills, they have perma-death?

A: Pilots do not gain experience. Each Pilot will have their own set of skills, but those cannot be modified.
There is no perma-death for any card that you have collected through STACs.

Bonus Q: How will ECM and BAP work? Can you “hide” lance mates under your ECM umbrella and how does this appear visually to you, and the opponent?

A: We really like the idea of sensor gameplay as it adds all kinds of neat opportunities for information warfare. While it is a really cool feature, MWT won’t be launching with ECM or BAP technologies.

Q: Will there be anomalies and certain events that impact gameplay … such as dropping onto a planet that is experiencing radiation storms in its atmosphere or solar flare activity affecting electronics systems of mechs involved (possible interference of advanced targeting systems and C3 units [if they are in the game])?

A: We’ve considered all kinds of cool events for gameplay that can throw a nice big wrench into the plans of players. You’ll have to wait until we get this game launched to see any of those things, as they are really just the frosting on the cake that is still in the oven.
On a side note, C3 Networks weren’t introduced until 3050 and Advanced Targeting Computers were introduced into the Inner Sphere in 3062.

Q: Will Battlemechs such as the Jenner be able to Flip their Arms and engage targets behind them?

A: No arm flipping at launch. Torso twisting is as good as it gets for firing behind you.

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