MechWarrior Online Commando Chassis Guide

MechWarrior Online Commando Chassis Guide by RAM

Using the battletechnology stolen from the Terran Hegemony, the Commando was the second battlemech and the Lyran Commonwealth’s first. Once past the primitive prototype phase, the Commando would end up slightly heavier than what would become more contemporary reconnaissance mechs; in effect trading mobility for better weapons and more armour. Nevertheless the Star League repeatedly tried to secure the rights to the design, but through a combination of lies and delays the Commonwealth maintained its sole control. Although a prudent move, this has resulted in the COM not yet receiving Star League tech upgrades in factory variants. Nevertheless individual mechwarriors are free to customize their personal machines, tailoring them to their liking with whatever they have access to.

25 tons
150 rated Engine producing top speed of 97.2kph
10 Heat Sinks
178 MAX Armour

COM-1B: 1,694,524 / 680 MC
SRM2, LL & ML w/ 128 Armour
CT 1 Missile
RA 2 Energy
LA 1 Energy
COM-1D: 1,744,526 CB / 700 MC
SRM6 & LL w/ 96 Armour
CT 1 Missile
RA 2 Energy

COM-2D: 1,781,524 CB / 715 MC
SRM6, SRM4 & ML w/ 128 Armour
CT 1 Missile
RA 2 Missile
LA 1 Energy

COM-3A: 1,799,526 CB / 720 MC
2xSRM6, Flamer & ML w/ 96 Armour
CT 1 Missile
RA 1 Missile & 1 Energy
LA 1 Energy

It should be noted that the 1D is down the LA weapon hardpoint and costs more than the 1B.

Despite being conceived as a scout mech (a role at which it excels) a canny mechwarrior can use the COM’s size and speed to effectively engage mechs in heavier weight classes. The Commando pilot intent upon combat should look to keep moving, engaging in hit and fade attacks that over time slowly whittle the opposing mech down, frustrating its pilot’s with an inability to effectively respond. Another often used tactic is exploiting the slower turning and twisting of heavier mechs to circle strafe their rear armour. At no time should a Commando contemplate going toe-to-toe with a heavier mech as even a single alpha strike can be crippling if not deadly!

The biggest threat to the COM is often a JR7 configured in a light mech hunter/killer role owning to the Jenner’s superior firepower, protection and mobility. A COM must always be mindful of faster enemy mechs since speed is king and robs the COM of its greatest source of protection.

As a Scout however the Commando is without equal. Able to achieving the highest speeds with modification, the crafty COM commander can cap continuously! Often blitzing in to start the capture before the enemy force has even finished moving out, causing all manner of chaos.

Regardless of role, it must never be forgotten that although not a true replacement for armour, speed and mobility are good substitutes and it behooves the future Commando pilot to ensure that his mech has the adequate amounts of each.

Mech Lab
Owing to the limited hardpoints, you do not see as many laser configs as you do with the Jenner
You do see a number of Flamer configs however
Missile configs are also popular due to the available hardpoints
Remember that your arm hardpoint arcs are much more responsive than your torso hardpoints
Limited tonnage restricts the ability to LRM support, but the additional missile hardpoints make this more viable than on the JR7-D (for the long-range harasser role)

Build Tips
3x SRM or 3x Streaks are good load-outs despite their ammo dependence. 3x ML or 3x MPL are less common but workable, although sadly the 3x Flamer exploiter is far more frequent than it should be.

The COM-2D with 3x SRM6 can deliver a crippling barrage although ammunition becomes an issue due to weight limitations. The SRM4 is thus a popular substitution for both more ammo and fewer shots fired. One advantage is that heat is rarely a concern which permits the removal of HS.

On the opposite end is the COM-1B with its 3 Energy hardpoints equipped with typically 3x Meds. Owing to tonnage limits the more damaging 3x Med Pulse Laser combo is significantly less common. The weight saved on the Medium Lasers permits a combination or more armour or more Heat Sinks. Unless one intends to stand and deliver, armour (or speed) is generally the better bet.

Between these two combat extremes, the COM-2D with 3x Streak2 enjoys a nice balance of weight, ammo efficiency and heat permitting more armour and/or speed. Although lacking the pure combat power of the previous two options, the Streak lockon does have its own advantages. This build works well in the swing scout/harasser role.

The COM-3A with its double mirrored hardpoints can adequately switch between any of the above configs or even look to combine them: 2x Streak2 & 2x ML is a decent combat load with plenty left over for engine & armour. 2x SRM6 & 2x MPL with Heat Sinks and armour can be a nice light fighter.

As the COM-1 shows, there are other options as well. A single heavy Energy weapon can be well used to provide striking power from afar while still permitting adequate movement and protection. Indeed, the COM-2D can even be configured as an LRM platform! While 3x LRM10 (the largest that can be reasonably equipped although dual LRM15s or a single LRM20 are possibilities) cannot stack up when compared to a CPLT, for fast moving Scout support it is unmatched.

The majority of the configs utilize the XL engines to free up tonnage. Despite their greater vulnerability to damage/destruction due to the Side torso crits, the extra speed/armour from the freed tonnage is generally well worth it. Essentially short of an ammo explosion, by the time a COM’s side is destroyed it is generally already (near) dead.

Combat Tips
•Feel free to engage your opponents actively. While the COM is technically a 25-ton Scout ‘mech, 18 odd SRMs can be a deadly barrage weapon.
•If SRM based, conserve ammunition and carefully time shots. The main drawback of SRMs is their limited ammo. A good MechWarrior does not fire the Commando’s SRMs unless he has the opponents head or rear torso in their sights.
•Avoid open spaces. The Commando’s speed does allow it to wade into the thick of a brawl, it should not stay there, merely pass through.
•Juke by quickly turning left and right whilst going full-speed makes it more difficult for an opponent to hit you in a single location.
•Only allow opponents to face you when you are going to fire at them. A Commando simply does not have enough armor to brawl and survive.
•Use your maneuverability to enter and exit combat. The Commando has a small profile and a good speed. Use this to hit-and-fade as you do not want retaliatory fire and to avoid overheating.
•Avoid being surprised; you should be the surprising one. Remember: Not by Strength, but by Guile!
•Most importantly, stick to cover! The Commando just does not have enough armor to allow for an opponent to repeatedly fire at you.

•Brawl a Jenner. You will lose.
•Rely on your armor, because you have none of it.
•Overheat. The Commandos strength is a low profile at speed. If you unexpectedly stop moving, you are probably not going to survive much longer.
•Believe that since you are 25 tons, you must scout.
•Fire your SRMs at a target moving laterally. Wait until they slow down or face you to take a shot, then take a shot on them. Not only will this throw their aim off, but you will do more damage with your SRMs since more missiles will hit.
•Piece-meal your opponents by shooting off their arms or legs. You do not have enough ammo to destroy them afterwards. Aim exclusively for kill-shots; do not chip your opponent apart.

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