MechWarrior Online Ammo Depleting Order Guide

MechWarrior Online Ammo Depleting Order Guide by OPLoN

Concerning Ammo placement and the order that it is used by the weapon .


For example , If I have a ton of ammo in one of my legs and the other in one of my torsos,
in which order is the ammo being used first ?

The one that is closer to my relevant weapon OR is it totally random ?

I ponder on this because it is VERY critical to know if I am halfway on my ammo depletion , which part of my mech is still prone to AMMO EXPLOSION !

Thus, if I use LRMs and XL engine for example , and KNOW that my torso Lrm ammo is already used up and I still have my leg ammo , I dont have to worry so much gettin death from above or brawling at closer ranges , where that torso ammo explosion would deliver me instant death .


So , you all know that inside your cockpit somewhere, there is your Ammunition Loaded Screen ( lets call it ALS ) , showing your current Ammo left and the exact place it is stored. Every time it shows a different location of your Mech ( Right Torso, Left Leg etc ) and it keeps rotating to ONLY the places you have stored your ammo in .

After various tests , I have come to the conclusion that :

Ammo gets used and depleted in the order of the rotating image of Ammunition Loaded Screen (ALS) inside Cockpit.

That particular order is :
HD –> CT –> RT –> LT–> LA –> RA–> LL–> RL (—> HD again in image rotation )

where HD= head slot , CT = Center Torso , RT is Right Torso , RA= Right Arm and RL= Right Leg etc.
( use Free Look Button to locate the ALS Screen )
*note: Tests made only in a Dragon , Catapult & Stalker

That means, for example, that the Mech will use ALL your Ammo in your Head slot BEFORE continuing to your Center Torso Ammo .
After depleting the first ton of ammo placement , as a whole , then it moves to next ammo position , depending on what position that would be .

i.e. If you have no ammo in Head ,1 ton of ammo in Center Torso , 1 ton in Left Torso and 1 ton of ammo in Right Leg , then the order will be
CT –> LT –> RL . You will use all your ammo in Center Torso , THEN ammo will be feeded to your gun or missile pod from Left Torso until all is used up , then Right Leg.


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