Massacre and Conquest Gameplay FAQ

Massacre and Conquest Gameplay FAQ by Helfox

1. Getting Started

How do I register a new account?
Massacre and Conquest is operated via the Gamebox platform, and to enter the game, you’ll need to register a Gamebox account. You can also log in using a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

How do I enter the game?
Click Massacre and Conquest on to enter our log in page. Select the server you wish to log in to and enter your account ID and password to enter the game.

How do I create a character?
When you enter the game for the first time, you can choose a hero from one of the three races, and set the gender and look of your character.

2. Player Interaction

How do I create a Legion?
When one of your Lairs reaches Lv10, you can start your own Legion at the cost of 2000 Industrial Index. When both of these requirements have been met, click the Guild Information button at the bottom of the HUD:

In the pop-up window, you can check the requirements for building a Legion

How do I join a Legion?

Ifyou wish to join a Legion, click the Guild Information button at the bottom of theHUD:

Search for a Legion to join on the Join aLegion page:

Ifthe Legion commander accepts your application, you will become a member of theLegion!

How do I send mail to other players?
Got something to say? You can talk to other players via the mail function!
Click the Mail button beside the radar:

When you enter the mail page, you will see your inbox:

Click the Compose button to start writing a message

When you’ve finished composing a message, you can send it to a fellow player!

How do I compete in the Arena?
Want to test your skills against other players? Click the Arena button beside the radar to enter the Arena:

Then open the Arena enrollment page:

During the daily competition period, enroll your available troops in the Arena list, and the system will automatically find a suitable rival for you!

3. Factions and Story Instances 

What’s an instance?
Instances help you to understand the game’s back-story. Click the Faction button on the HUD to enter the faction page:

Click the Training Base:

After entering the instance page, select an available instance and start fighting!

Attention: you need to have at least one troop to enter an instance! Make sure you are powerful enough to join one!

How do I become an Elder?
When you’ve reached a certain level of fame and strength in your Faction, you can be elected as an Elder. An Elder can gain Congress Points by completing daily Elder quests, and exchange their points for cool stuff!

Click the Faction button on the HUD to open the Faction page:

Click the Elders` Court button:

In the next page, you can check information about the Elder elections.

4. Expanding

How can I get more resources, besides harvesting and completing quests?
Harvesting and quests are the two major ways of getting resources. However, you can get more by fighting against monsters and their Lairs. Also, if you find yourself lacking a certain kind of resource, you can get it by trading at the Resource Exchange Center!

How do I increase the resource output of my territory?
Grid upgrading, building and upgrading certain constructs can increase the resource output of your territory. Keep working hard!

Why do I need technology?
Learning technologies will allow you build new constructs and train new types of units, making you more efficient and powerful!
Technology is located at the bottom of the HUD:

Click the Technology button, and all technologies will be listed in the pop-up window:

How do I build a new construct?
After learning the corresponding technologies, new constructs will be listed in the Construct list. Click the icon of the construct you wish to build and put it on available grids in your Lair. Make sure you have sufficient resources and time in the Construct Bar first.

How to upgrade constructs and grids?
You can make yourself stronger by upgrading constructs and grids. Click the Construct Function button:
Select a grid or construct you wish to upgrade:

You’ll see an upgrade option in the menu. You can also click Details to check resources and how long the upgrade will take.

How do I build a new Lair?
When one of your Lairs reaches level 5, 10, 15 or 20, you can build one new branch Lair. The more Lairs you have, the more resources you will get, and the more powerful you will become.
When you’ve reached the requirements to build a new Lair, find a proper location, and click the Lair button on the HUD:

In the opened page, follow the guide to build a new Lair:

5. Combat
Why can’t I see my units after training them?
Freshly trained units will not be displayed. To check them, you’ll need to click the Unit Grouping button:

Your units will be displayed here:

Select the types of units you wish to group:

Enter the amount to enroll and confirm, then you will have formed a troop:

Now they will be shown in your Lair. You can only group the units in your current Lair.

Why do I need combat skill and strategy?
In Massacre and Conquest, you can choose to use auto-combat, or use different strategies and skills in combat. Strategy and skills can be really helpful during combat, unleashing the full potential of your troops, so you can defeat even the strongest of enemies!

What happens when you destroy or lose a Lair?
If you destroy an enemy Lair, you will get a lot of resources as a reward. However, if you lose a Lair to another player, it will be gone forever, along with all the constructs within.

6. Quests 

What are quests for?
There are two types of quests: growth quests and daily quests. Growth quests will guide you during your development, while daily quests are the source of your daily extra resource income!

How do I toggle quest tracking?
Click the Quest button at the bottom of the HUD:

You can browse all current quests in the opened page:

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