Marvel Avengers Alliance Recruit Magik For Free Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Recruit Magik For Free Guide by DiminishedAngel

There any many other threads dealing with a guide to spec ops in general, a guide for the tasks, a thread about Magik’s abilities, etc. I also hear several newer players complaining about the 318 CP you would need to recruit all the deploy heroes if you have none of them. So, this thread is a little different, the best general strategy for recruiting Magik and completing spec ops without spending any money on gold. Let’s assume some things:

A) You are lower level and do not have Black Panther, Rogue, Gambit, or Nightcrawler (the deploy heroes needed to complete the last two epic bosses).
B) You currently have zero CP and zero gold.

This is the very worst possible scenario you could find yourself in if you hope to recruit Magik. Now, let’s discuss how to recruit her.

1: Do not accept ANY daily gifts except iso-8 for the whole 25 days, or until completion. If you need more allies to help make sure you reach 50 gifts per day, post in the find allies thread!

2: Once you have used all your daily iso-8’s, use the rest of the energy on running chapter 3.5 or 4.4. Epic bosses are the best source of CP grinding. You don’t really need 318 CP, you only need 90, which is very doable in 25 days! Strategies for these bosses (Doom and Magneto) can be found in the epic bosses thread under tutorials folder if you are having trouble.

3: Continue working on spec ops tasks whenever you have iso-8, and grinding when you don’t. For strategies, check the spec ops guide thread int he tutorials section. Doing these chapters is also a decent source of experience once you five-star the chapter, and every gold nets you one level. I am level 168 and I manage to level twice per day; for a less hardcore player, one level per day is very attainable. Do your five PvP fights for bonus exp, complete tasks as you get them, etc. You should manage to average one level per day, possibly more.

4: Continue tasks as normal until task 23. The last two tasks are epic bosses in chapter 3: Iron Man and Phoenix.

5: Use your 90 CP to recruit Black Panther. This will allow you to finish epic boss Phoenix on Avengers side.

6: Use the gold earned from leveling or 4-starring chapters to skip epic boss Iron Man, so you do not need to recruit Rogue, Gambit, and Nightcrawler. If you bought gold for converting to CP, it would cost you 228 CP to recruit them (114 gold). Skipping the task is only 25 gold. Though less efficient in the long-term, we are again assuming a lowbie player who may never again have a chance to recruit Magik, so getting her is more important than efficiency.

Congrats, Magik is now yours, more casual player!

I hope this is of some help.

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