Marvel Avengers Alliance How to Remove Allies Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance How to Remove Allies Guide by DashX

Method 1 – Only if you are facebook friends with them:

Once you have selected this option, the page will load with a question asking who you would like to invite to become your ally. Scroll down to the next section, which has all of your allies listed, there is an option under the send gift button that says “Remove Ally”.

Important note!: You need to be friends with them on Facebook or they won’t appear in allies list. So if you want to delete them this way, you need to befriend with them again. You can use the search function in facebook to type in their first name. Most people you befriended before will appear here (unless they are hidden from search)

Method 2 – No need to be facebook friends:

But some allies doesnt appear on the allies list, because you are not facebook friends anymore. Playdom doesnt have a feature (yet) to remove these allies in game.
Here I will explain what you still can do to remove them.

– Firefox Browser
– HttpFox (
Important! Facebook ID of the person you want to delete. (Try to use facebook search to find them. Some people are hidden, so I tried to find at places again where I added them. Like MMA official app page.)

1. Open Firefox and start your MMA game.
2. Go to HttpFox to begin searching. (Start HttpFox is right below in your browser. The icon is very small. Looks like an internet explorer icon)
3. You need to remove one ally that is on your actual list (Don’t worry, you can always add this one back. But you need to remove one, to get the ally removal link.)

4. Look in the column “received” code 163 in HttpFox and copy the url of the removal link.

5. Copy and paste in Word/Editor. The url code should look like this

7. Find the person facebook id you want to delete. “””
8. Replace “XXXXX” in neighborId=XXXXX with the facebook ID you want to delete. As shown in picture
9. Copy new url with the facebook ID you want to delete into your browser. And it would say something like this “jQuery16402556004385620291_1340099775442({“success”:true})””
10. Restart your game. And the ally is gone now. Repeat the proces from 7 for all the other allies you want to delete.

Sidenote: this won’t work with deleted or inactive allies.

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3 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Update #2: Problem solved! I think it just needed some refresh time before the ally disappeared, but it worked! Thanks for the guide and sorry for any inconvenience.

  2. Alex says:

    Update: I can see information in the window now, just had to “stretch” the window out. I followed the steps, replaced the facebookID and copied into my browser, saw the jQuery/success/true thing and then restarted my game but the person was still in my ally bar. Can you provide any additional information as to how to do this?

  3. Alex says:

    How do you get anything to appear in HTTPFox? I have the HttpFox window open, removed an ally, and nothing appeared in HttpFox. What am I doing wrong?

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