Marvel Avengers Alliance Flight Deck Efficiency Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Flight Deck Efficiency Guide by Reebo

I’ve gotten messages from a few folks asking about this so I figured I’d post some data up here to help out. Apologies if I’m duplicating and this has been posted before.

How to get the most of of your flight deck time:

Part 1: Unlock and fill in flight deck slots whenever you can.
Having more jets to send out equals more silver income for your time spent. Upgrades the jets a best as you can without interfering with your other uses for silver (leveling heroes, acquiring ISOs, buying suits, gear etc.) The higher your jets are upgraded the more you get for each trip they take. It appears the norm is that they yield back a smidge over 10% more per trip for each level they gain, but the prices of the upgrades scale more steeply.

Part 2: Have enough heroes unlocked so that you can run your missions…
and have enough heroes left over to keep your flight decks busy. There’s no reason those jets should be siting idle just because you are busy on a mission or with PvP.

Part 3: Shorter mission earn more.

Note the following list of mission payoff times for the Lvl 5 jet:
Mission / Minutes / Reward / Silver per Min
3 min / 3 / 90 / 30
10 min / 10 / 230 / 23
20 min / 20 / 450 / 22.5
1 hour / 60 / 630 / 10.5
2 hours / 120 / 900 / 7.5
6 hours / 360 / 1620 / 4.5
12 hours / 720 / 2160 / 3
24 hours / 1620 / 3240 / 2

You can earn more in one 3-minute mission than in a half hour of a 24 hour mission. Always use the shortest mission length you can that still allows you to be there when the mission ends to send them out again.

Part 4: Use your time and attention span wisely.
If you can remember to check the flight deck every 3 minutes between missions, that’s perfect. Do that, it’ll reap you big rewards. Myself, I can only remember consistently to check it every 8 to 10 minutes or so, therefore I use the 10 minute missions.

When I leave my desk to do dinner, I send them on an hour mission. I may be gone longer, but if I set a two hour mission and come back after 70 minutes, I could have earned more by doing the one hour mission and then 2 ten minute missions. Get a feel for how it works and you can really earn a lot more without actually changing how often you play. “Just long enough” is the best rule. After that, longer is rarely better.

Part 5: Use the right heroes. Bigger is better.

Always send the highest level heroes you can spare for the flights. The higher the hero, the higher the bonus. At level 10, the same chart above changes to:

Mission Minutes Reward Silver/Min
3 min / 3 / 144 / 48
10 min / 10 / 368 / 36.8
20 min / 20 / 720 / 36
1 hour / 60 / 1008 / 16.8
2 hours / 120 / 1440 / 12
6 hours / 360 / 2592 / 7.2
12 hours / 720 / 3456 / 4.8
24 hours / 1620 / 5184 / 3.2

Part 6: All upgrades are not necessary
One thing to keep in mind is that every possible jet upgrade is not necessary. Given that the difference between a level 4 and a level 5 jet is the difference between a base of 80 or 90 silver for a 3-minute mission but costs 25k to purchase. Put another way, assuming you used a level 9 hero, it would give you an extra 15 silver for every 3-minute mission, requiring just over 1,666 3-minute missions to pay back the 25k. That’s a pretty bad return on investment.

I hope this helps, feel free to post any corrections if I’ve figured something incorrectly or if you have info to add.

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