Loadout Sample Weapon Setups Guide

Loadout Sample Weapon Setups Guide by Zigg4d and Others

Clicky Ricky

Chassis : Rifle
Barrel : Gatling
Stock : Standard
Trigger : Semi-auto
Sights : Recon
Payload : Slug
Magazine : Shell Loading

I have a love affair with this gun- It is incredibly versatile- It does decent at any range except for areas that other guns excel at. Shell loading/semi-auto/slug keep the damage & accuracy respectable, while Gatling provides fire rate, and double magazine size. You will have to do a LOT of clicking with this gun- why the name is there.

A standard stock is preferred since everything else either gets in the way or screws up stats that would be fine with a standard.

The gun has a lot of viability in various areas, but being a jack-of-all-trades weapon, it is weaker in a situation a more specialized weapon has an advantage with- close range with a shotgun, long range with a sniper, or mid range with a machinegun.

Chaos Causer

Chassis : Pulse
Barrel : Gatling
Stock : Shock Absorbing
Trigger : Spooling
Sights : UV Laser
payload : Tesla
Atribute : rebounding
Magazine : High Cap

Note 1 – Stock Really doesn’t seem to mater as of this build, but as balance changes happen, parts on this weapon may change.

This Weapon is a fun one, as its name suggests, it’s meant to be an attention getter and make a mess of the arena with pulses. and with tesla, to increase the chances of getting hits in. Spooling is used to max out the firespeed (yes there is a barely noticeably difference between full auto and spooling.)

Delayed Medicine

Chassis : Rocket
Barrel : Any Single (will change as balance is adjusted)
Stock : Any
Trigger : Semi-auto
Sights : UV Laser
payload : Tesla
Attribute 1: Agile
Attribute 2: Sticky
Attribute 3: Timer
Attribute 4: Radial

I have yet to field test this weapon, but I believe this will be quite useful for tagging newly spawned players- it will allow for a better timed and thus more useful overheal. the weakness of course, is that it lacks a battle-useful heal.

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