Loadout Grenades Guide

Loadout Grenades Guide by Memento

Here I’ll share some tips and tricks about your best friends in loadout: Grenades.

Grenades are fucking awesome. Use them as much as possible- they can give you an edge over your enemies in most situations. The default key to use them is C.

Nothing clears point faster or drags enemy to hell with you better than a good ol’ slug grenade to the feet.
The slug grenade is the default one. It deals 100 damage. This means that up close it can instakill anyone who’s not overhealed.
When launched, it’s RED in colour. If you see one coming in your general direction, the smartest thing to do is roll somewhere safe. Although nowhere is safe from a well aimed slug grenade. Jumping, for example, won’t do.

Tesla grenades are supposedly the ones with the biggest AOE. They chew up on shields and will leave a shielded enemy crippling.
It deals a little less damage than the slug one. It won’t kill a full-health enemy right away. On the other hand, if two or more enemies are inside the explosion radius, they will share some of the damage from the tesla nature of the grenade, and occasionally both die electrochuted.
Supposedly they are the best for control points, although the loyal slug grenades are just as good.
When thrown they are blue in colour. Having one at your feet doesn’t mean you’re done for, although it might has some not-so-salutary effects not to roll away from it.

Pyro grenades aren’t as deadly as their relatives, and their damage is almost halved compared to the default slug grenade. Enemes within the radius go on a long-lasting fire, tho. And nothing says ‘you’re going to hell with me’ better than a fire grenade to the feet.
-The flames forces people to roll, which stops them from shooting for a while, making soloing a capture much easier. If they choose to shoot they are very, vey likely to be baked to death. (-Courtesy of Beignis)

What’s better than a medic teammate in Blitz mode? A medic teammate with Health grenades.
When thrown, they make a huge stain and when teammates are on it they are healed and overhealed. They can overheal you aswell!. It is really a must have for any blitz-oriented medic loadout. They get real effective when thrown on points. You can also throw them at your feet to save your life &/or overheal yourself.
-They are generally less risky to use than health kits, since they can’t heal enemies who are on it, and can’t be stolen, unlike their counterparts.
A medkit’s healing is instant and stays in place until used, but a good overheal is better than a medkit any day it’s available (-Courtesy of Rukrio)
The only drawback is that you have to stay inside the very stain to be healed. When thrown it’s green, and you really want to see one coming at you.

Acts just like the health one, but grants juice effects on teammates &/or yourself.

-You can throw a grenade while you fire your weapon. Both at the same time. One thing or the other will get them!
-When in doubt, throw a grenade. Use them as much as you can, even on 1v1 duels you think you won’t make it. It can save your life or drag your opponent to hell with you!
-Grenade containers are all around maps. They are brown and long. There still is X3 written on it although you can only have 2 grenades at a time now.
-Teach yourself to throw them in the weaponcrafting test map.
-You can throw a grenade real far if you click C at the middle of a jump and aim up with your mouse.
-As you probably already understood, enemy control points are like grenade magnets. Throw yours too, soldier!

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