Light of Nova Starter’s Strategy Guide

Light of Nova Starter’s Strategy Guide by Dylan_q9bycjsk

So here’s a look less at what to do because people have different opinions but why you’re doing it which is far more useful.

First mothership.

Increasing the crystal refinery will give you more crystal per hour and increasing the metal refinery will give you more metal an hour. These are used for building everything. Don’t neglect them. Related to these is the warehouse. You need to keep your storage space big enough that you can keep producing new resources. Also you need to click on the defense tab occasionally and then click on the asteroids to get the resources mined from them. This gives you enough resources to build other things.

Under the core tab in build you will find the control center. By itself it might not do much but it does limit the level of any other upgrade on the mothership. So if you want to keep building something try to keep your CC a little ahead. Right next to it is the Research centre. Now only every 5th level is relevant for this building. To access research click on the tech tab at the top of the screen. There should be two tabs in the popup. We’ll go into this more later but for now all you really need to know is that without getting the research centre to 25 you’ll never be able to get a second planet. This is a hard limit that you cannot get around. No matter how many ships you have.

In core you will also find transportation and assembly. Transportation lets you move resources between your motherships. For the moment this is useless as you only have one mothership. It will still take up power though even though you can’t use it. Assembly lets you convert resources into money (Nova Coins) This will become very important after about a week. You won’t have enough for a very long time. And since you can buy things with these that you can’t make it will never stop being useful. Keep an eye out for the flashing goods in assembly since the first mothership of yours to build them will get double cash. The higher the page in assembly the higher the efficiency in transmuting resources to money.

DO NOT BUILD THE TURRET MODULE on your home world. Your home system cannot be attacked and as such turrets are a waste.

Now onto the production tab in the build set. First thing is power plant. You can only build so far before you run out of power and cannot build anymore. So keep your power plant upgraded enough. Top right of the screen is a little lightning bolt with 2 numbers next to it separated by a slash. The first number is how much power you are currently using and the second is how much you have. Keep an eye on this when building.

Now the other three builds in the production tab have there uses too. But most people build them far too early and as a result are low on both resources to build ships and the tech to build ships. Upgrading them allows you to both research better building tech under the tech tab and to actually build the ships. Light manufacturing handles all the fighters and frigates you will build. Heavy manufacturing handles cruisers and Battleships. Shipyards handle your flagships of which you can only have one in a fleet. They are very powerful and count as zero tonnes when it adds up how many ships you can control. Shipyards cannot be higher than the rank you have in heavy manufacturing which cannot be higher than your rank in light manufacturing.

Now this tells you what they all do but it will be up to you to find the right balance early on. Remember that you’ll need at least rank 1 dockyard to make a flagship. Rank 25 research to get a second planet.


Planet terraforming has changed a lot from what it used to be. To access terraforming click on galaxy to first designate a governor. When in galaxy click on your planet. Then you appoint a commander. This needs to be a commander who is not in a fleet. Then click on defense and then on the planet. From here you can build upgrades. For the first few upgrades you want people per day. You already have a max of 1500 population while you actually have 0 population. If your population gets near 1500 then you will need to upgrade your maximum population. Early on there is no rush. You should finish all Era one upgrades long before you qualify for Era 2 upgrades. There is no advantage or disadvantage to one upgrade over another aside from the raw data they provide. How long it will take to finish the upgrade, how much it will cost and how much it will lower tax. You will in the medium term require all the upgrades so don’t worry about the fact they lower tax. Each era you go up will provide more tax.


This is such a large topic its hard to know where to begin. Down the bottom of your screen you have the assets button. Clicking on it will open a popup with 5 tabs. The first is assets. While you only have one planet you might as well use all of these as soon as you get them. This will help accelerate your growth. Make sure your warehouse is big enough to hold everything. They will take it anyway but the resource collectors will stop when the warehouse is full. You always want the resource collectors running.

For the moment we will skip special and come back to it last. Third we have Flagship. This does not contain your flagships. Rather it contains both any blueprints you have for flagships and equipment for flagships. You do not use it here. This just shows you what you have.

The 4th tab in assets is commander. This is equipment you commanders can wear that will increase there stats. You cannot add it to commanders while they are in a fleet so you will have to disband the fleet then click on the little man icon at the bottom of the screen in the middle. Its right next to the anchor. When your list comes up then on the right of the currently selected commander are 8 slots to put equipment in. Bare in mind its worth giving a belt and laptop to any governor of a planet. This will make them better at what they do.

5th is chests. Now you will gain chests by exploring other planets. You can also get Kits from fighting in the ancient battleground found in the defense screen. There are also colored safe deposit boxes. They contain a lot of very useful stuff. You need diamonds to open these but they will generally be very worth it.

Going back to special we have all the stuff that doesn’t quite fit in anywhere else. Too many interesting things can be found here potential to deal with them all so lets look at the most common. Quantum crystals can be used to upgrade your commanders equipment. Plugins upgrade them in a different way, a little like adding software to a computer. Notebooks speed up research which is always a good thing. Robots speed up construction, letting you build more stuff more quickly and gain the benefits earlier on.


Now the standard way of looking at things is: Build up your resource collectors, get research center to 25 so you can research basic engineering to 5 and then advanced engineering to 1 and then build a fleet to take an unseized planet. Currently most people seem to be recommending 800 wind fighters and 200 eagles and at least a level 5 leopard flagship.

Now this will all work. However there are other ways to do it. You will no matter what route you take need resources. So do not neglect them. It is up to you how high you take them before taking another planet. Normally this will happen naturally in the mid twenties. This is because your research center and therefore your control center need to be at 25 before you can take another planet.

You can however seize a planet off of someone else. There are multiple reasons for this and it is my current method. Firstly there is the obvious. You may acquire a new planet with very little fight. This has worked for me before. Then even if you only take it for a little while you can upgrade your resources on your new mothership. Even if they then take the planet back you will continue to gain half of the amount you were. This will go to your homeworld mothership. Its a little boost that can really add up. Also there can be pvp honor if your fleet actually fights theirs. This is a very desirable thing.

In either case use the construction mobilization to build 4 objects at a time really early on and keep upgrading you control centre and resources for a while. You can alternate other things but early on you want resources desperately and your control center has to be high enough.

Remember your home base cannot be attacked so you don’t need to worry about defense. This is constant throughout the game so you will always have one safe base and it only makes sense to make this the most built up of all your motherships.

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