Light of Nova Newbie Guide

Light of Nova Newbie Guide by Donal015

The following guide is based on my experiences playing this game, there are probably other strategies out there,
but this will give you a good start into the game.


This game is about managing your resources well. You start out with a mothership in a secluded sector that nobody else has access to.
There is however another planet next to you that can be seized. However you will require another mothership and significant forces to
seize another planet and that will not be in the scope of this guide.

Setting up

So the first thing to do, is to follow the small tutorial. The tutorial will show you how to construct more modules on your mothership,
how to assign a governor, and how to harvest the resource fields in your defense tab. It also runs you through your first adventure storyline
on the adventure tab.

Once that is done, you will notice you now have 3 commanders. Click on the person icon in the lower left corner to bring up the
commander screen and click on the skills button. This will show you 2 icons. These are the starting skills for your commanders and
they are random. Moving your mouse pointer over these icons will show you a tooltip on the skills. Check to see if your commanders
started out with either Metallurgy or Crystalography or both. This commander should be assigned to your home planet as governor. The
Commander you have assigned as governor should gain levels as time passes by, as you gain levels you will have skill points to assign
to your governor, put those points in Politics and either Metallurgy or Crystalography.

You should also check your commanders to see if they have the wind fighter skill. This will boost your initial combat skills of your
fighter. Don’t worry if you don’t get these skills in the beginning. While they give you a tremendous head start, you will eventually
be able to reset your commander’s skills later with a skill refresh potion that you can buy in the trade port.

You should assign your commander with the fighter skills as your main commander on your fleet, create a second fleet with 1 fighter. This
will be your scout fleet. Open your galaxy map and click on the nearest unexplored system and send your scouts. Everytime you explore
a system you will get a chest that usually contains parts to build stuff for your flagship.

Maximize your resources

Now that you are set up. There are several things you need to do to progress at the best rate. First, use your construction mobilization
item to allow you to build 4 things at a time. You want to do this now because everything is so cheap and fast to build. This will last 72
hours so don’t waste it by idling.

In general, you want to concentrate on building your resource refineries first. You also want to have a tech researching as soon as possible
In order to research a tech, you will need to build those modules that are required first. You can find out the requirements by hovering
your mouse over the particular tech you are interested in. I would suggest researching inventory management and the different resource
gathering techs as well as Basic Engineering.

Do your missions

Lastly, you should do your daily and adventure missions. These will give you a boost in resources that you need to continue building. Only
build enough ships to satisfy the daily missions and don’t forget to do the wormhole missions. You should hold off on the adventure
missions until you have all your building and research queues filled up.

Adventure missions

This could be a potential disaster for new players at the beginning, since a lot of people try rushing through these and end up losing
The rule of thumb is to always have as many or more fighters as the enemy. Don’t put all your fighters in one stack. Your fighters are your
bread and butter and they are the first ships to be targeted. Don’t tackel a mission if you don’t have enough forces. Tempest frigates will
help with frigates, while the Hammer Cruisers will help you against enemy frigates. Same is true for Knight battleships against cruisers
My rule of thumb is always have at least as many battleships as enemy cruisers, as many cruisers as enemy frigates, and at least some frigates
against enemy fighters and as many fighters as the enemy. This will usually ensure victory.

That’s my guide for now, it will bring you past the newbie stages and get you setup for further adventures.

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