Light of Nova New Player’s Tutorial

Light of Nova New Player’s Tutorial by zebec3

Welcome to the Light of Nova.  You are the governor of a tiny sector in space … You also are the commander of the fleets of this area. Good luck.

Getting started

The tutorial will lead your through the basics on the game mechanics.

Your Mothership is you home base. The most important task is to gather your resources to upgrade your Mothership. There are two command consoles located in the lower right and upper right of the display.

The lower left displays your character portrait, AI portrait, [Fleets], [Port], fuel stats, Nova coins, Diamonds, [PvP Honor System], [Missions], [Commanders] along with six tabs: Mission, Assets, Mail, Alliance, Diamonds and Item Mall.

Character portrait – gains access to each of your characters. You will have list of all the characters you control. Their level, stats, equipment tree, where to upgrade skills and stat points. When a character gains a level a “+” will appear next to the name. Click on the appropriate name update the skill and the stat points. Once all updates are made the “+” will disappear. The [Commanders] button will appear and flash to always notify you when at least one character has leveled and points are to be distributed.

AI Portrait – show recent in game messages

[Fleets] button gives you access to all fleets that are currently formed. The bottom of this window has Speedup, Fleet View, Disband and Retreat. Speedup – ? Fleet View allows modifications to the fleet formation. Disband allows you to disband necessary for adding equipment to your commander which is not allowed when in a fleet. Retreat to disengaged from combat.

[Ports] button list your Mothership(s) and fleet ship’s requirements to upgrade from Regular to Elite or Ace. This also displays the total ships that are not assigned to any fleet. Three buttons are button od window: [Upgrade to Elite], [Upgrade to Ace] and [Formation]. Upgrades select a given ship type click on the button and it will present the requirements to obtain an upgrade ship once all requirements have been met. [Formation] brings up a deployment formation grid.

*** Defect – need to add somewhere to select a commander to make Formation useful ***

[PvP Honor System] button allows you to exchange your metals for items.

[Mission] button blinks when a mission has been completed and you can receive your rewards

Mission tab tracks all mission available to you. These are again divided into Daily, Achievement, Adventure and Legend. Enter any section and select a Mission. Details are presented on how to fulfill the objectives and receive the rewards. Here you can also see your progress and what remains to complete the mission.  Once the mission is completed a yellow “!” appears in the front of the mission name and you can claim your reward by clicking on the [Claim] button lower right area of the window.

Assets tab categories are Resources, Special, Flagship, Commander and Chests.  All rewards are items are displayed under these categories as appropriate. Flagship tab holds all items used in the construction of Flagships. These items come as rewards or from Equipment constructed from the Repair/Fit tab on the Command console in the upper right of the display (see section on Repair/Fit – Equipment). Items here that contain a [Use] button allow immediate access to the item. Clicking on the button may give further instruction on the how to use the item if necessary. If a [Fit] button appears than the item can be upgraded using other assets. Chests may require decoders that can be purchased using your Diamonds

Mail tab contains the following tabs Player, System, Alliance, Notice and Compose. Mail receive in game will be sent to the appropriate mail tab in accordance to the sender. You can send mail using Compose.

Diamonds tab allows the purchase of diamonds.

Item Mall displays all the items the can be purchased with your diamonds.

The upper right command console displays your resources both crystal and metal. Also displayed is your power.

The radar screen button is for Alliances. This window displays all the Alliances. It displays the Alliance name, commanding officer, members, seized star systems and seized fortresses. My Alliance display allows you to create your own alliance. Alliance Fortress ?

The most used part of this console is the buttons. There are two groups of buttons the outer and inner groups

Outer button Group: [Mothership], [Defense], [Adventure], [Galaxy Map], [Repair/Fit], [Warp Map] and [Trade].

[Mothership] – this displays all activity in the upper left. The Mothership has selectable components which are also found in the inner button group item [Build]. These are the ship components that are upgradeable, see inner button group item [Build] for details.

[Defense] – this displays your [Home Star System], [Turrets], [Alliance Base], [Metal Asteroid], [Star Gate to Ancient Battlegrounds] , [Crystal Asteroid] , [Trade Port] and [Wormhole]

[Home Star System] – Here your Terraform your planet using the 10 essential terraforming techniques to make this more livable. Click on the appropriate [Upgrade] button to start process. This will use you Nova coins. Once, terraforming has started to take root population will start to grow. This will allow you to [Collect Tax] in Nova coins. Here you conduct [Elite Training] and [Ace Training] for your pilots. You also have a [Port] button that has the same function described in the lower left command console group.
[Turrets] – for home star system defense
[Alliance Base] – displays the bases of all members of an alliance?
[Metal Asteroid] – used to collect metal resources
[Star Gate to Ancient Battlegrounds] – fight battles for Honor points
[Crystal Asteroid] – used to collect crystal resources
[Trade Port] – like the [Mall], but here you use you Nova coins for purchase instead of Diamonds. There are three areas for purchase Commander, Secret Market and Ammo.
[Wormhole] –  here you adventure into the wormhole to see what rewards can be gained prepare for battles.

[Adventure] – is the story line of quests risk reward. It starts at easy and difficulty increases as you continue along the quest line. Here you have an opportunity to gain new commanders during this quest line to increase your fleets.

[Galaxy Map] – this displays the known universe of Nova. Here you will need to [Explore], [Seize], [Scout], [Plunder] or [Destroy] other plants. You will need to explore the planet first before any action can be taken. Next step will be to seize the planet which will require the Tech skill of Advance Engineering to obtain additional Motherships. Explore planets often since you will gain resources and Encrypted Compressed Chests which contain vital materials for construction for Flagships.

[Repair/Fit] – There are several tabs: Repair Fleet, Equipment, Fit Flagship, Repair Flagship and Merge Flagship.
Repair Fleet – After every battle you should immediately come here to repair those ships that were destroyed during battle and see how many are recoverable.
Equipment – here you construction the necessary equipment for your Flagships form material you have obtained through exploration of other planets. Items are grouped under Flagship Weapon, Flagship Armor and Flagship Skill. Note the materials used to construct these items are also the repair cost if you were to lose your flagship in battle.
Fit Flagship – once you have Trained a Flagship you can added the equipment accordingly See Train section for Flagship construction.
Repair Flagship – here you repair your flagship. Note the materials used to constructed equipment are also included the repair cost if you were to lose your flagship in battle.
Merge Flagship – non-assigned fleet flagships can be merged to form an improved Flagship

[Warp Map] – Coming soon …

[Trade] – allows the transportation of resources from one star system to the next.

Inner button Group: [Build], [Tech], [Train], [Create Fleet] and [Assembly]

[Build] – This is the most important for this is where your Mothership in upgraded. There are four key elements to the Mothership: Resource, Production, Core and Defense. These components are interlocked that once a component is Upgraded a linked component will need to be upgraded to allow the recent upgrade to be upgraded once again. Mouse over each to see the features and requirement for each item.

Resource – The components to upgrade are Crystal Refinery, Fuel Refinery, Metal Refinery and Warehouse Module. Without these you mothership does not function.
Production – The components are Power Plant, Light Manufacturing, Heavy Manufacturing and Shipyard
Core – The components are Research Center, Control Center, Transportation Port, and Assembly Module. Note Assembly Module is needed to active the inner button group feature [Assembly]
Defense – The components are Turret Module

[Tech] – Here are the skills need to train more advance ships. There are two sections to this window: Military and Production.

Military is used to upgrade military features of your fleets
Production is used to increase productivity of your mothership including Advance Engineering where additional Motherships can be gained.

Mouse over each to see the features and requirement for each item. Cost is in Nova coins.

[Train] Here is where you ships are constructed: Fighter, Frigate Cruiser, Battleship and Flagship. A balanced fleet is required to win any battle. Mouse over each to see the features and requirement for each item. The ships require both a skill from the [Build] and the [Tech] areas. Flagships section list all flagships and the requirements for each including blue prints.

[Create Fleet]  – here allows the creation of fleets. Name your Fleet and Select your Commander and you are ready for fleet creation.  The fleet grid will appear and the number of ships currently unassigned. Follow the steps in this window to complete your fleet selection.

[Assembly] – this is activated in the [Build] inner button group.  Here you can earn Nova coins by constructing  items available. These are also may be link to mission items for additional rewards.

[$] – Instant rewards. Click everytime the “$” is yellow to gain the reward offered. There is a timer to when the next reward will become available.

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