Light of Nova Beginner’s Guide

Light of Nova Beginner’s Guide by Zee

PART 1: User Interface brief.
PART 2: Beginners Guide.
PART 3: Notes FS merging etc.

Part 1.

So here you are. Just started the game, gone through the mini tutorial and you are staring at the screen wondering what to do next, Well lets get started then shall we?
Ok have a look around the screen and identify what is what. Starting top middle and going left to right, hover your mouse on every tab to find out what it does IE: Mothership (MS) Defense, Adventure and galaxy map. These tabs control what page you are on. Click on these tabs to look around and return to the MS page when you finish. (dont forget to hover over icons or things, they will tell you what it does or what needs to be done to upgrade/use them). Next are the popup screens which let you access Build,(upgrade the MS) Tech (research tech needed for better ships armor etc) Train, (Here you can build your ships) Create fleet (this is where you assign a fleet commander and place the ships into it) and Assembly (you make items here exchanging resources for nova coins, flashing ones pay double).
Underneath you will find Repair/Flt (you repair, merge, make items for your Flagship etc)
Warp map (it isnt used at the moment) and Trade (here you can trade between 2 planets, once you get another planet that is). Further right you will see the radar screen ( you can only access this when you get a 2nd planet) and below that is the select Governor tab (you place one of your commanders here. Tip, if you have a commander with a Metal Crystal or fuel skill, make them the Governor)

Bottom right you will find the chat window, click the + icon to open it out, 1 step per click and the – icon which closes it 1 per click. Inside the window you will see the world chat (WC) and a private tab (PM). To use PM simply click on a players name and type. After you join an alliance, alliance chat will appear as well.

Bottom of the screen moving right to left is the Item Mall ( you can purchase items with diamonds), diamonds( you can buy diamonds here), Alliance tab ( click in here to join an alliance or creat your own etc) Mail (any mail sent to you from a player or the game is sent here) Assets (here you will see 5 sub tabs that are fairly self explanatory) Mission ( same as the achievemnet icon, it shows you where you are in the adventure, daily rewards, legendary etc) and now 2 pictures The blue one is Gacia, here you will get the latest news etc and the other is your Commanders page ( here you select commanders then use items attach equipment such as helmets etc and apply points when a commander gains a level or rank). Port ( here you can see what ships you have that are not assigned to a fleet) Fleets. ( here you can click on a fleet, click the review fleet tab and make changes/disband etc) 5 icons are left, click on these to find out what they do.

Top left is a small icon click this and a timer box will appear. If you have upgrades/ explorer fleets, tech being done, it will show a countdown timer. Again do not forget to hover your mouse over these icons/Tabs as they will tell you what they do.


The key to this game is resource management. Time and patience are required.
If you haven’t already done so, appoint a governor. Click the defense tab and collect the resources from the asteroids and then click the planet. Start upgrading (terraforming) the planet. Be aware of the time it takes to do each upgrade and come back and keep on terraforming. If there is a wormhole click it and either fight the bots or pirate ships.
Back to the MS.

Click on the Build tab, then the Core tab, upgrade the Control Center (CC) 1 step at a time to level 10. Click on the production tab and upgrade the powerplant 1 step at a time to lvl 3. Click on the resource tab and upgrade the crystal and metal refineries untill they reach lvl 10. Once you have upgraded the power, upgrade the research center in Core to 10. (dont forget to watch your power levels ,top right, and upgrade as nescessary)
Note: you will have to use the constructor to make 4 upgrades at a time lasting for 3 days.
As these are being upgraded, the achievement icon ( anchor ) will flash and if you click on this you will gain rewards for completing objectives.

Upgrading takes time and the higher the level the longer it will take. So click on the Fleets tab. You have already made a fleet in the tutorial but lets make it better. Click on a fleet, then fleet review tab. Click on a ship and a small window will pop up. Change the number here to make stacks hold more winds or you can choose 0 to move a stack or remove it. (if you cannot change the number, come out of fullscreen mode). A good start is 4 evenly leveled stacks IE: 4×30. If this is confusing you, disband the fleet and start again. Once you have 4 even stacks of ships click OK. Now lets go complete some of the missions. Your first few are simple and only involve small fleets of enemy. The fleet you have is more than a match for them. Follow the story untill you get your 3rd commander. Then follow it more untill you are in another fight. Stop here and return to the MS page. NOTE: Some of these missions give you extra ships as a reward, go through the fleets tab and enter these ships into your fleet. Repair damaged ships and add these back as well.

Keep upgrading those four main modules and when research center reaches level 5 click the tech tab. Go to production then upgrade the Inventory Management tab. This will open up the metal, crystal and fuel gathering icons, click these one upgrade at a time, it takes about 30mins each. While you are in tech, dont forget to hover over all of the icons to find out what they do or what is needed to activate them.

Ok back to the MS and time to upgrade some more modules. Keep upgrading your CC , metal and crystal until at least lvl 25 add power as needed, use the 4th upgrade to start doing Assembly. Bring this up to lvl 20 as well. Assembly allows you to trade resources for Nova coins by making items for sale. The higher this is the greater return, especially if its flashing.
Now you have the basics all set up. You can do other modules like Light, heavy and shipyard to lvl 5, this opens up light, heavy and docking in the Tech tab. Most everything in the game works off levels of 5.
Good luck commander.


How to merge a flagship (FS). First make at least 2 of the same fs minimum. When they are complete, click on the repair/fit tab then click on the merge tab. Select the FS you want to merge, then click inside the right side box, click merge then follow the prompts. Repeat as needed until you have reached the maximum lvl for that FS. IE: Basic lvl 5, Leopard (leo) lvl 10, Lion lvl 15 etc. To make a lvl 5 requires 16 lvl 0s, lvl 10 56, lvl 15 121, lvl 20 211 etc..The merging sequence is as follows 0+0=1, 1+00=2, 2+000=3, 3+0000=4 etc.

Equiping a FS. You need items collected from planet exploration, wormholes, or those bought from the secret market, to make equipment for the FS. First Click the repair/fit tab, then the equip tab, then choose what weapons,armor and special you want to build. If you have the required items, click produce. To fit the item click the Fit tab choose the FS you want to fit it too, click the slot and then click fit. NOTE. There is a time to build on this page, take note of it as it will not appear anywhere as a countdown. IE: Rail gun 30 mins. WHen the item is made it will appear in the Assets tab in the FS tab.

Using Commander Items: During missions etc you will be awarded medals (honor) and potions (experience) to use these open your commanders page, select the cmdr and click the use item tab.

ALLOCATING POINTS: Once your commanders gain a new level or rank, points are awarded. To use these points, bring up the commanders page, select the commander (+  sign next to it) and award the points depending on what they do. IE: Fleet commander needs Leadership to increase the tonnage the fleet can hold, Military; gives a combat boost to the fleet.  A Governor needs politcal points, the higher they are the more resource boost is given.
Skill points; Each Commander has 2 skills. IE: Raptor and Eagle or BattleCruiser and Crystal.
Allocate skill points according to the job they have. A commander with a resource skill should be your Governor. Keep this in mind.
You can buy other skills from the Item mall, starting at 10 diamonds.

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