Light of Nova Ancient Battleground Guide

Light of Nova Ancient Battleground Guide by StrDir_666

Its a great way to train your Commanders So today I am going to tell you how I do it.

Ok on your screen you should have logged into you home planet, you will be looking at your Mothership, in the top right of your screen yo will see a couple of buttons. Mothership, Defense, Adventure and galaxy map. These tabs control what page you are on.

You will also see a few buttons next to them that look like this:
Build: (build & upgrade your mothership’s facilities). Tech: (research technologies such as improved weapons & armor). Train: (produce your fleet ships) Create Fleet (assemble your ships to a fleet under a Commander) & Assembly (Build with your resources & earn nova coins, (flashing ones pay double). Underneath you will find Repair/Flt (repair space ships & fit/merge flagships), Warp map (Warp to path star systems to fight, still Unavailable at the moment) & Trade (transport resources between 2 of your planets). There is more but that will be for another guide.

Okay Next click on the Defense tab at the bottom of the screen you will see the (Star Gate to Ancient Battle Ground) otherwise known as ABG. you will see 3 silver battle ground and 3 gold battle grounds, then number of medals in each battle ground tell you about its difficulty, 1 silver metal is weakest, 3 gold medals is the highest difficulty
click on the Single Silver badge you will see a menu on the right hand side it says: Level 1-10 I recommend using your flag ship, a Basic Flag ship level 5 can easily do Level 1-6 for the equipment on the Basic flag ship you get 1 weapon 1 armor & one Special, i recommend a Railgun as your weapon Zinc alloy armor III as your armor & lastly barrage as your Special, now you can use composite armor III as your armor but i would go for the better one.

Just so you all know all of the equipment I mentioned here, can be built by the items you get from exploring a planet, so i would would spam the 6 minute plant closes to your home planet on the Galaxy map tab and do that over and over again and open the encrypted compressed chest keep spamming until you have the necessary items you need.


From level 1 ABG you get a Kit 1 and 40 honor the kit 1 will give you a random equipment item for your commander for the honor it will start at 40  at level 1 then will increase by 10 from level 2-5.  Then it increase by 20 from level 6-10 a level 5 leopard with same setup on it but 2 Railguns will do the 6-10 level’s this will give you the rewards of honor but more importantly gives you a Lion Blue print, this you will need to make your Lion flag ship &  don’t forget you get a Kit 2 that gives you same a random equipment for your commander but a high level.

now going into the double silver badge level 11-20 battle ground, the lion preferable 10 or better but I’m sure a 8 with what i call a boom stick will do maybe even a level 5 but i would not push it. with that you be able to do the 11-15 as like the previous ABG you have done the Flagship will solo it but this time you will need better equipment on your Flagship, i  used the Railgun but I improved them later to Improved railguns, the armor i used Strong Interactive armor & Zinc Alloy I now I’m positive that 2 strong interactive armors would not help you get past level 16 ABG so that’s why i only used 1 (why waste it keep it for your Thunderbolt). now, here is the big and hardest part to get a Nuke Ambushas your special or as i call it a Boom Stick that takes a lot to get, but it will be needed, and the more planets you have the easier it is to get.

now for the rewards of level 11-15 as like before the honor increases by 20 starting at 200 at level 11, you will also receive the kit 2 and lion blue prints, now i would continue n how to do the level 16-20 or more but i have not gotten that far, i do know that your lion should be close to about level 12-15 now but the time you staring thinking about doing ABG level 16 so i have not tested but i believe 25-50 knights should be all you need to get past the longbows in level 16 the BOOM stick will cover the rest. (just a note i did try to do the level 16 ABG with the knight and i failed and it was not pretty so please don’t try it with knights haha, and remember this advice is not perfect as you can see from the comments, this is just how i have done it and it has worked for me or well in the case of the knights NOT WORKED LOL

I Hope this Ancient Battle Ground Guide helped you.
Thank you

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