Legend of Edda Newbie Guide

Legend of Edda Newbie Guide by KawaiiLily

Table of contents
i. Basic controls
ii. Skills
iii. Costumes
iv. Dungeons
v. Upgrading
vi. Enchanting
vii. Creating Guild

i. Basic Controls

If you choose to do the tutorial you’ll be briefed with some very basic controls of the games which includes:

a. Movement [WASD]
b. Learnt skills window [K]
c. Area Map [M]
d. Quest window [L]
e. Inventory [I]

There are also some other basic controls shown in the image below which can be accessible in-game via the key [H]


You may also change some of the shorcuts to your own key mappings. Simply press [Esc] and select ‘Key Mappings’ option from the Main Menu window


ii. Skills

To view the skills you’ve learnt, simply press the button [K]. You can also view skills that you can learn from NPCs in Gaiyan Town according to your classes.


Talk to the NPC and select “Learn <class> skills” from the menu.



iii. Free 7 days Costumes

Costumes are part of essential item when playing MMORPG~ Be it for the extra stats or just for your fashion pleasure <(^_^<)

In Legend of Edda, you can get a free 7 day costumes anytime~ All you have to do is find a caged animal in Gaiyan Town and release them.


As a token of appreciation they’ll leave you one piece of costume that will last for 7 days. (^_^)/


iv. Entering Dungeons

Like most MMORPG, Legend of Edda game play also includes dungeon instances ^(^_^)^ But how can I access them? Simple! You may access them from the Dimension Goddess NPC~


Only Party Leader is required to talk to the NPC thus bringing out the instance window to all party members to indicate that they’re ready before the leader click on “Enter Instance Now”.


As you can see here, there are three dungeon instances you can access. But of course there’s a level requirement for each dungeon.

Hypit Cave: Level 15
Towa Haunt & Towa Palace: Level 25

*Help! I can’t enter any dungeon anymore~*
Don’t panic! That’s because you’re out of coins. Bronze or platinum coins are required to enter dungeon instances. Each player is provided with 5 bronze coins daily (not accumulated).

v. Upgrading

You can upgrade your gears and weapons from the Anvil NPC.


You’ll need upgrade stones in order to upgrade your items.

Weapon upgrade stone

Armor upgrade stone

Upgrade stones 1 (for upgrading items level 1~10) can be bought from the Craft Merchant NPC, Karen (She is near the anvil). Higher level stones are from world drops.

Talk to the NPC and select “Upgrade Items” from the menu.

Place your weapons or gears in this slot Image and the upgrade stone in here. Image

*Upgrading item is safe up to +3, beyond that your item has a chance to break

vi. Enchanting

Apart from upgrading, you can also enchant your items~ Enchanted items give extra bonus to your stats. Simply head to the Magic Store and find Enchanter Vesper NPC.


You’ll need these three items Imagein order to enchant your gears and weapons according to the items’ level. These materials can be bought from Magic Merchant, Heena NPC. Place the item you wished to enchant, select the attributes you want and click on enchant.


vii. Creating a Guild

Of course playing MMORPG with friends make the game more fun~ and guild is one way to gather friends and comrade! (^0^)/~ Guild Manager, Havris NPC can help you to establish your own guild.


To create guild you must pay 10k gold and must be at least level 10

*Havris NPC also can levels up your guild when u reach the requirement.

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