Legend of Edda Monsters Guide

Legend of Edda Monsters Guide by Ashla

Since the game currently doesn’t support this feature, I thought make a quick guide on the monsters for each map. As CB has a max level cap of 30 and only goes up to Boreas Temple, I’ll only stick up the monster levels up for those maps. I’ll update this as more content is released :3

Why does this matter?
Well, monster levels matter because if you fight a monster 5 levels above or below yours, you won’t get the full amount of EXP for it, and that’s not cool.

– The monsters will also be arranged by map. In each map, monsters will be in family groups (eg. Glets, Red Glets and Mad Glets).
– Elite and boss monsters (and the monsters they spawn) will be placed at the end of each map listing.

Let’s get cracking!

Gaiyan Hills
[Lv. 1] Pom
[Lv. 2] Spotted Pom

[Lv. 3] Glet
[Lv. 4] Red Glet
[Lv. 6] Mad Glet

[Lv. 5] Locke
[Lv. 6] Redwing Locke
[Lv. 7] Mad Locke

[Lv. 8] Arus
[Lv. 9] Elder Arus*

[Lv. 9] Skull (Miniboss)

Kobalos Mines
[Lv. 10] Old Goblin
[Lv. 11] Goblin
[Lv. 12] Goblin Chaser
[Lv. 14] Goblin Ranger

[Lv. 10] Hypit
[Lv. 11] Hypit Fighter
[Lv. 12] Hypit Instructor

[Lv. 13] Chimera
[Lv. 14] Death Chimera
[Lv. 14] Thunder Chimera
[Lv. 15] Flying Chimera

[Lv. 15] Faunus

[Lv. 15] Red Goblin (Miniboss)

[Lv. 13] Small Phantom Soldier
[Lv. 17] Phantom Knight (Elite)

Fringe Valley
[Lv. 16] Little Axe Bear
[Lv. 21] Axe Bear
[Lv. 22] Furious Axe Bear

[Lv. 16] Sick Capricorn

[Lv. 16] Flame Chimera

[Lv. 17] Dark Beast
[Lv. 19] Wild Dark Beast
[Lv. 21] Furious Dark Beast

[Lv. 18] Corrupted Warrior
[Lv. 20] Mad Corrupted Warrior
[Lv. 22] Corrupted Warrior Commander

[Lv. 17] Faunus Fighter
[Lv. 18] Faunus Warrior
[Lv. 19] Faunus Patrol
[Lv. 20] Faunus Guard

[Lv. 20] Hypit Magician
[Lv. 21] Hypit Boss

[Lv. 22] Faunus King (Miniboss)

Boreas Temple
[Lv. 23] Dryad
[Lv. 28] Cursed Driad
[Lv. 30] Mad Driad

[Lv. 23] Scorpion Man
[Lv. 25] Ice Scorpion Man
[Lv. 27] Big Claw Scorpion Man
[Lv. 27] Dark Scorpion Man

[Lv. 24] Luinel
[Lv. 24] Thrower Luinel
[Lv. 26] Furious Luinel
[Lv. 29] Ranger Luinel

[Lv. 24] Thunder Dark Beast

[Lv. 25] Snow Horse
[Lv. 27] Red Snow Horse
[Lv. 30] Chaotic Snow Horse

[Lv. 26] Lack Death Creature

[Lv. 29] Phantom Soldier

[Lv. 30] Dryad Queen (Miniboss)

[Lv. 28] Death Creature
[Lv. 33] Immoral Bishop (Elite)

* Becomes aggressive when Skull is attacked

– Aggressive monsters will be highlighted in red. These monsters will attack when you’re close, so watch out!
– Wandering bosses will be highlighted with a caret (^) next to their name.
– Elite monsters are the ‘true’ boss monsters of the game. They will spawn minions and will regain HP when not attacked. Their respawn time is usually ~5 minutes.
– Miniboss monsters are much stronger than ordinary monsters, however, do not spawn minions. Their respawn time is ~30 seconds.

Happy levelling!

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