Legend of Edda Class Skills List

Legend of Edda Class Skills List by Smexilicious


Archers have changed from a high dps class to more a support class, you can kill but not as reliable. The range of Focus( now Concentration) has been reduced greatly.As an Archer here are some of the things you skill does.Quick Fire- Using this 3times in a row will stun the target for 1.5seconds

Shock Cannon- Reduce move speed of target by 50%, 7 second cooldown, this effects last 5seconds but duration is increased everytime it’s leveled.

Backstep- Same thing in US, charges 1CP cooldown has been changed to a perment 30seconds.

Light Arrow- A quick damaging skill with little cast time, damage is small but has a 20% chance to let you instantly cast Heavy Arrow.

Heavy Arrow- This skill deals the most damage for archers, it has a 3 second cast time at base, but is reduced by attack speed and may be cast instantly with the Light Arrow buff.

Poison Arrow- Poisons target for alright DoT damage, I forget how long it lasts I think about 2-3seconds?

Penetration Arrow- Hits 10 enemies in a STRAIGHT line, also a rather strong skill with short cooldown.

Camouflage- Hides you for 10 seconds, move speed is reduced by 60% will only be usable in battle mode.

Concentration (Focus)- Increase range by about 2x orignal range, increase attack by 40%, cannot move while using this skill, EP recharge will be reduced greatly.

Trap of Sleepiness- Any player who walks into this trap will be slept for 3seconds, hitting the player will wake them up.

Frozen Trap- Reduce the player who walks into this trap’s movespeed by 50%, any 9 people close enough will suffer this status effect as well.

Trap of Explosion- Deal damage to the player who walks into this trap and 9 extra players close by.

All traps consume 1CP, all traps will allow you to use Sidestep immediately after.

Sidestep- This skill is usable only right after you lay a trap down, you right basically use Backstep but you will Backstep to the right of your character if this makes any sense.

Hawkeye- Reveals all hiding players within the targeted area.

Triple Arrow- Shoots 3 arrows at once (G3 skill)

Upgraded Penetration Arrow- Adds a DoT to Penetration Arrow (G3 Skill)

Bow Mastery- Increase attack power with a bow by 60 per level of this skill.

Leather Armor Mastery- Increase Defense by 30 and Magical Defense by 30 per level of this skill.

CP Activation- You will regain 1CP every 5 seconds when you are not in Combat with other players, using Backstep will recharge 1CP regardless of combat mode.

Hope this helps~

oh yes forgot about EP, silly me. EP or Energy Points will replace MP for archers and sins, you have 1000EP total, you cannot increase this amount in anyway. All your skills will consume EP to use, in order to regain EP you must be moving (Moving gives 80EP per 2 or 3 seconds), not moving results in 40, being in Concentration is 20.


Realization of Mana- Recharge 5CP for 5seconds.

Base none Elemental Skills-

Sphere of Mana- Average Magic Attack

Mana Barrier- Basically a weak Frozen Protect.

Mana Shock- Deals low damage

Explosion of Mana- Hit 10 enemies around you for okay damage.

Manage Recharge- Recharges a certain amount of MP overtime.

Concentration of Mana- Increase Accuracy rate by 2+skillv*2

And now the wtf part everyone gets confused about

Wizards get 3 elements, you need to switch between these elements to use the proper element skill, the skills listed above will all change depending on the element you pick.

Realization of Wind- Increase Movement speed by 30%, consume 1CP enable the use of Wind Magic

Realization of Ice- Every second hit of your skills will stun the target for 1.75seconds, enables the use of Ice Magic

Realization of Fire- Every 3rd hit to your enemy will cause a DoT effect apparently based on your total mp (? )

Wind Magic-

Explosion of the Wind- Hit 10 enemies.

Wind Compression- Damage up to 10enemies within a certain range of your character and make them “bounce away”.

Lightning Shock- Damage the target and add a DoT.

Wind Twister- Cause the target to become unkillable for 5seconds, the target cannot move, or use skills during this duration (including Enshrining or stealing crystals).

Wind Blade- Damage the enemy.

Ice Magic

Blizzard- Hit targets around you for DoT damage, (10 enemies), decrease movement speed of damaged enemies by 50% for 1.5 seconds.

Ice Shield- Create a barrier of ice, when the effect ends or is forced to end all enemies around you will be frozen for 2 seconds. (Uses Closed Space of Ice basically by force)

Closed Space of Ice- Damage 10 targets and faint them for 1.5 seconds up to 2 seconds.

Ice Lance- Damage Target.

Sphere of Ice- Damage target, movement speed of target decreased by 50% for 3.5 seconds.

Fire Magic

Flame Bomb- Timebomb in a sense, but explodes after 3 seconds and hits 10 enemies.

Sphere of Fire- Deal Damage

Fire Shield- Absorb damage, and damage enemies near you up to 10 total.

Flame Shock- Damage target, deals a DoT based on your PA(?)

Flame Explosion- Damage up to 10 people. The Aoe is ground based and lasts about 5-10seconds, large aoe as well. Walking into this will hurt you or staying in it.

Switching between elements consumes 1CP.


Scamper- Increase movement speed by 25+5 per skill level, increase duration by 3seconds by level.

Will of Attack- Increase Attack by 10/15% and Accuracy by 10%

Will of Defense- Decrease Attack by 10%, decrease damage taken by 22/24/26

You may only have one of the two above at any given time.

Shout of Threat- Decrease 5 Enemies Defense and Magical Defense depending on the amount of CP you have. 6/15/24/39/50%

Shout of Fear- Same idea as above but applies to attack.

Shout of Silence- Silence 5 enemies for 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds. Will only work on Wizards and Clerics.

Mana Burn- Eliminate 200/400/600 of the targets MP.

Twister- Spin around like a GIFTED top for 5 seconds and hit up to 5 enemies many times. Movement decreased 40% for the duration of the skill.

Gravity Blow- Hit target from range.

Pain Surpriession- Become unkillable for 1.5/2/.2.5seconds consume 2 CP, unable to perform skills for 3 seconds when effect has ended.

Berserk- Increase Accuracy by 20% for 15 seconds, using will of attack with this buff with make all your skills Crit, and increase Attack speed by 15% per hit up to 60% total, damage taken increased by 15%. Using Will of Defense, decrease damage taken by an unknown % I think 50 or so? Apply a HoT to yourself for duration of this skill. Consume all 5 CP. You can’t attack for 5 seconds after using this skill.

Consecutive Slash- Damage one enemy, charge 1CP. If using will of Defense decrease targets Accuracy.

Crossway Slash- Damage taken, Charge 1CP. If using will of Attack cause a DoT to the target for 3 seconds.

Death Blow- Deal heavy damage to the target, consume 150hp+ 50per lv. If under berserk skill will inflict double damage.

Chop Down- Stun 5 enemies for 1.5 seconds and decrease movement speed by 33/36/40% for 5 seconds +1 second per level.

Flash Cut- Dash into the chosen direction and hit up to 10 enemies in the way, you may use this skill again to repeat this effect.

Explosion of Slash Aura- Hit 10 enemies.

Two-Handed Sword Mastery- Increase Attack with 2h Swords b 80 per level.

Heavy Armor Mastery- Increase Defense by 40, and Magical Defense by 20% per level.


All assassin skills will charge 1CP, other than Muscle Poison and Neurotoxin.

Ghost Hand- Damage Target

Dragon’s Claw- Damage and stun enemy depending on CP consume 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

Snakes Teeth- Deal damage and poison target for 4 seconds.

Hide- Hide yourself, move speed decreased by 30/28/26/24/22, skill duration is infinite.

Smash- Deal damage and cause the target to fall asleep, hitting the target again will awaken them.

Evasion Mastery- Evade increased by 2/5%

Leather Armor Mastery- Increase Defense by 30 and Magical Defense by 30 per level.

Slash- Turn your 3 basic skills into AoEs for 15 seconds. 2/3/4 targets per level.

Twin Weapon Mastery- Increase Attack with katars by 70 per level.

Battle Hide- Hide while in combat mode only, movement decreased by 26/24/22%. Skill duration is infinite.

Neurotoxin- When you hit your target movespeed decreased by 20/30/40% Works with any skill or none skill.

Muscle Poison- 30% chance to cause a DoT when you hit your target with a skill or none skill.

Strangle- Damage and Silence the target for 1.5(+.5 per level) seconds and cause a DoT for 10 seconds, usable in hiding mode only.

Sprint- Increase movement speed by 100% for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

Surprise Attack- Damage Target and stun them for 1.5 seconds

Slash Tendon- Decrease target’s Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 50% only usable in hiding mode.

Amplification of Evasion-Increase Evade by 50% for 10 seconds.

Stabbing Heart- The number of CP you have will greatly increase this skill damage.

Research Slash- Extend Slash duration by 5 seconds.

Collect Life- Apply a HoT to yourself for a duration based on CP spent.

Purify- Remove all Buffs, and Debuffs on yourself.

Blindness- Make the target blind for 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds, target cannot attack while blind. (G3 Skill)

Murders Eye- EP will not be consumed for 20 seconds. (G3 Skill)


20% change to recharge CP upon being hit.

Strike- Damage target.

Triple Slash- Damage target, usuable three times in a row on last slash you will hit a total of 5 enemies.

Strike the Ground – Damage 4 enemies around you and stun them for .5 seconds.

Shield Attack- Damage enemy and stun them for .5 seconds.

Charge- Dash to the target and stun them for 1 second.

Energy of Protection- Increase your parties Defense by 10/15% for 20 seconds, consume 2CP.

Energy of Madness – Increase your partie’s Attack Speed by 10/15% for 20 seconds, consumes 2CP.

Energy of Movement- Increase partie’s movement speed by 20/25/35% for 20 seconds, consume 2CP.

The 3 Skills listed above cannot be used together, only one instance of the skills may be applied at a given time.

Energy of Provocation- Force 10 enemies to attack you every 5 seconds for a total of 20 seconds, affects 10 enemies and consumes 2CP. (G3 Skill)

Hook of Hades- Pull a target towards you and stun them for 1 second. Consume 1CP

Protection Shield- Decrease taken by 10/15%.

Wild Stamina- Increase your max HP by 10/15/20%
Rush- Charge forward and create a shield that absorbs damage for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds.

Force Fix- Provoke a target to attack you and only you for 4 seconds, works on players.

Multi Force Fix- Same as above but applies to 5 players.

Aegis- Become unkillable for 2/3.5 seconds. Consume 5CP

Defense- Decrease your attack by 50% and decrease movement speed by 50/30%, decrease damage taken by 15/20%.

Ultimate Defence- Decrease damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds, must be used while under Defense, cannot use any skills in this mode. Cannot move at all while under this condition. Consume 3CP

Thread- Increase Aggo rate by 20/30/40/50%.

One Handed Sword Mastery- Increase Attack with a 1h Sword by 50 per level

Heavy Armor Mastery- Increase Defense by 40 and Magical Defense by 20 per level.

Sacrifice- Take damage for a player for 3/4.5/6 seconds. (G3 Skill)

Destroy Armor- Damage target, reduce defense by 25/30/35/40 for 12 seconds, you may apply this effect to a target 4 times.


CP may be recharge while being in Combat Mode.

Beginning Level Heal- Small heal on target.

Beginning Level Recovery- Put a small HoT on the target for 10 seconds.

Sphere of Light- Deal damage to the target.

Curse of Light- Cause a DoT to the target for 8 seconds

Barrier- Create a barrier to absorb damage on the chosen target, when this barrier is broke target’s movespeed increased by 30% for 5 seconds.

Fear- Make 1/2/3/4 targets run around like retards unable to use skills for 5 seconds, increase their damage taken by 10%, if you have 2CP curse of Darkness affect will be added.

Light of Life- Increase Max HP of the target by 100/200/300/400

Holy Shield- Increase Defense by 4/7/10% and Magical Defense by 5/10/15. Accuracy of target attacking you will be decrease by 5% with a chance of 20 for 5 seconds every time they hit you

Revival- Resurrect the target, removes EXP lost on death.Cannot be used during Combat.

Intermediate Level Heal- Recover a medium amount of HP to target.

Intermediate Level Recovery- Put a HoT of the target for 10 seconds with medium recovery.

Instant Heal- Recovery a lot of HP to target with no cast time, if you have 5CP targets Defense will by increase by 50% for 3 seconds.

Curse of Darkness- Inflict a DoT for 6 seconds.

Corruption- Inflict a DoT for 8 seconds.

Whip of Darkness- Inflict a DoT for 5 seconds. Reduce targets movement speed by 10/15/20/25 for 2/3/4/5 CP.

Petrifaction- Reduce Damage taken by 90% for 6 seconds, recover 65% of your mana, you may not do anything while under this state. If you are killed under this state explode and damage 6 players.

Upper Level Heal- High amount of HP recovered to the target.

Magical Power Mastery- Increase Mana by 5/10/15%

Light of Magical power-Increase Mana with amount of 75/150/225/300

Transparent- Hide yourself you 1 seconds. Removes all Aggro by monsters.

Collect Magical Power- Recover 3% of your MP per normal attack not skill.

Phase of Darkness- Healing decreased by 30%, Dark related skills damage increase by 43%. 5CP will by recharged.

Instant Dark Mode- Use Phase of Darkness instantly.

Robe Mastery- Increase Defense by 20 and Magical Defense by 40 per level.

Orb Mastery- Increase Magical Attack with an Orb by 66 per level.

Vampire- Absorb 20% of damage done to target for 10 seconds.(G3 Skill)

Tree of Life- HoT everyone around you, defense reduced by 50%, move speed reduced by 50%. (G3 Skill)

Tree of Death- Opposite of Tree of Life. (G3 Skill)

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