KingsRoad Wizard Basic Guide

KingsRoad Wizard Basic Guide by Ivo

with level 60 i have following stats used (got some stuff with +2 skills which helps to get >70 skill points

major skills:
Fireball 10/10 main fighting skill, wide range of impact
Freeze 10/10 freezes all enemy around you, best close distance spell if you are sourrounded (at the start 1 point is enough for stunning effect)
Incinerate 10/10 -> lets targeted mob run away-> best boss skill to prevent getting hit (at the start 1 point is enough)
Celerity ->10/10 ->50% cooldown decrease important skill to decrease cooldowns, lets you fight continously
Frost Armor 10/10 (280% armor increase -> with fortify in party highest possible armor so smaller amount of skillpoints may be enough
Blizzard 10/10 kill zone
Treasure Hunter 10/10 (100%item find/200%Gold find) -> you are welcome in party

not used:
Knowledge 0/10 (5/10 gives +3XP best price-performance-ratio)
Intelligenz (0/10)(additional mana)
Firedrake 0/10
Chain Lightning 0/10


first/ at the beginning, just fireball and run

when you are meaner :

luring situation -> frost armor -> collecting mobs-> freeze-> fireball-> blizzard
with celerity 50% and maxed skills there are no breaks between skills – than switch to next strategy:

boss situation: frost armor -> blizzard->fireball -> incinerate (boss runs away) (freeze when close distance)
succession depends on distance to boss

3 wizards can kill siege beast with this without being killed/hit


wizards can kill mobs same as an archer but some times (with bosses) its a bit slow..

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