KingsRoad Archer Damage Build Guide

KingsRoad Archer Damage Build Guide by Nemrage

Hey there, I come from MOBA background and so i consider archer as an ad carry with weak early to mid and strong late game, which holds true in this game as well. So let me show you how I build my archer.

Archer skales extremely well with the passive skills in terms of damage, while the active ones are good I use them more for utility reasons. I wont list all the skills but the ones i consider most important to an archer:

T1: Focus, Exploit and Haste: these are the primal skills max them first, its simple you get to deal huge amounts of damage once crit chances proc, which will happen more and more often once everything is maxed.

T2: Shock and Firestorm: as i said above i consider these skills to be utility based, in fact they offer CC( crowd control), (however they only skale damage wise but stun and fear dont), which is important when soloing a dungeon or needing a timeout while you or u your tank heal up. Put 1 point into these skills once you acquire them and continue maxing your T1 ones.

As for stats i suggest ones in the following order: damage, crit chance, crti damage, attack speed etc.

Well thats it, thanks for reading the guide, Im open to suggestions and to criticism. Have fun dealing TONS OF DAMAGE

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