Kings and Legends Deck Making Guide

Kings and Legends Deck Making Guide by Plasma

Introduction: I realize I’m probably not the best person to be making this guide, as I’m only a level 41 and there’s so much more experienced users then I am, but I figured I could maybe help a few people out when the go to create their decks. I’m normally a priest but I recently switched to warrior wanting to try a new class out, but it really hasn’t worked so well for me. Anyways, let’s get on with this

Picking a class: From what I’ve seen, the ranger and warrior classes are used for their brute strength and stronger nukes. I would say the warrior is more of a straight up attacker, while rangers use a more tactical approach to a situation. Mage and Priest are for the players who wish for a more supportive approach to the game. Mages are mainly defense players, while priests are used to buff friendly units and create defensive lines. You should start by choosing the class that most fits you and your needs as a player.

VIP: While VIP is not necessary, it speeds up the process of the game a lot. Just getting VIP 1 unlocks 2 important features for you on your way to glory, the auction house, and elite packs. If you do get VIP, I’d recommend saving your gold for great deals in the auction house. I’m currently VIP 3, and yesterday I was able to get a legendary Mifzuna card for only 400 gold, they usually sell for 2x-3x that much.

Packs, Packs, Packs: They will be your best friend for levels to come. As I leveled up I bought as many packs as I could, first starting out with novice ones and slowly moving up. Novice packs are good for building up your deck as they contain a lot of low rank cards, and seem to be prone to skill cards. The standard packs have a good mix of low to mid rank cards, it all depends on your luck and are good to buy when you’re trying to get some higher ranked cards at low levels. The elite decks are my favorite, they contain many rare and epic cards, and I recommend buying them whenever you can to start building up your arsenal right away. They helped get me to where I am today. I do not recommend spending any gold on packs because gold is hard to obtain, and the packs aren’t really worth it spending them on. The master’s packs aren’t all that great, and I can’t really tell you about King’s packs because I’m not VIP5.

Auction House: The Auction House is a great place to buy specific cards to increase the power of your deck, and is unlocked at level 35 or with obtaining VIP 1. I never really bought anything from the AH except a few champion cards which I will talk about later. I wouldn’t buy cards to fuse up there unless you’re going from epic-legendary, but even then there’s a slim chance that the combining will work. The best use of the AH is to buy high ranked cards that will be critical to helping you win battles.

Skill Cards: I’m not really a big user of skill cards, as I find they get in the way when I don’t need them and don’t show up when I do, but I still use some in every deck I make. They’re the basis of your deck and help shape it in the way that you want it to go. You should pick ones that are going to help you most with your playing strategy, if you’re a priest I’d recommend the Blessing: Armor skill, as it’s saved me countless times. Warriors, being the straight out onslaught deck might want to use more direct damage skill cards such as Slash and Fissure. Rangers and Mages, you’re going to want to pick the cards that fit your tactics, your choices are all up to you.

Card Races: I recommend using a mix of the best cards you can use, however I’m not a fan of ogres, beasts, and goblins. They seem to be the inferior races in this game and don’t serve much usefulness unless they’re up to higher ranks. You could use these cards, but it’s all up to your playing style. Humans offer a good mix of heroic, vigilance, and calvary units. Elves offer a great selection of ranged units and flying cavalry. Undead offer reanimating cards, vigilance, ranged, and dishearten units. Finally, halfbloods offer cavalry, hit and run, and backstab units. I recommend using a mixture of the classes and taking the very best from them to craft together into a master deck.

Ranged Units: I recommend having at least of few of these inside your deck because they can prove very helpful in both defending, and pushing forward. The races that give us the best selection of ranged units are undead and elf. The elves offer up longbow units which have a very wide attack range and deal double damage to flying creatures. I have a few of these in my deck, and you should try to fit at least one or two into yours. Elves also offer Elven Sharpshooters which have a strong attack and defense for a ranged unit, so you may want to consider these inside your deck. The undead’s ranged units vary completely from this archers, they use magic for ranged. You should play around with them until you find some ones that you like. The best way to stop ranged units are with cavalry…

Calvary: The units are great for rushing ranged units as they have 4 movement, and some of them actually deal double damage to archers. You should make sure to fit a few of these into your deck in case your opponent has some ranged units that don’t want to die.

Vigilance Units: These units are able to attack on any side of them and are able to help save you in a lot of situations. Having these in your deck is a MUST.

Backstab Units:
These are flying units that can fly over opponents of there is space and can deal double damage to enemies that are directly behind them. These can help save you, so I’d recommend investing in a few of these.

These units are special units that will help will help you win. They are amazing, and also hard to obtain. You can get them from elite packs or higher, and you can also buy them from the auction house. These units are usually costly, but the right ones are definitely worth the money. Some ones you’d want to look into purchasing in my opinion are King Val’Assar, Undead King Bael, Emperor Augustus, Wind Dancer Elke, First Ranger Talenor, Chief Lionroar. There are more units then just these, but I’ve found them to be the most useful. The other ones may be used, but make sure they fit your deck. You don’t want to use Cheif Hfran without many halfbloods in your deck.

Sample Deck Build: This is my deck, and for being a level 41 I know you guys might not be able to have all these cards, so substitute and make it yours if you like.
Vampire Archmage (Epic) 2x
Desperate Soul (Epic)
Tengu Bloodseeker (Epic)
Elven Sharpshooter (Epic)
Elven Marksman (Epic) 2x
Fencing Master (Epic)
Lucius Swift (Legendary)
Lance Champion (Epic) 2x
Templar (Epic) 2x
Wind-Dancer Elke (Epic)
Captain (Epic)
First Ranger Talenor (Epic)
Elven High Priestess (Epic) 2x
Feles Assassin Master (Epic)
Prince Serka (Epic)
Zombie Captain (Epic)
Zombie Champion (Epic) 2x
Tengu Shadow Warrior (Epic)
Centaur Guerrilla Leader (Legendary)
Mifzuna the Wind (Legendary)
Smite (Rare) 2x
Blessing: Armor (Rare) 2x

Short Version: Buy lots of packs, build up epic creatures. Use combination of monsters that fit your strategy and tactics. Don’t waste gold.

I hope that at least one person can find this useful, If anyone needs help, or has any questions you can contact me in game, my user is Plasma

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  1. JustAFriend says:

    these tips wont no longer help in 2018 where everybody defeat you with fairy and kirins or by using nullifer and stronger elite cards.

  2. Rodney says:

    Sorry this Guide is WAY WAY WAY out of date… if you run this deck in the pvp World you will get torn apart and wont even get past tower of ascension lvl 10..

  3. sarah says:

    uh…i dont know how to save

  4. Ky says:

    yeah….u might want to update with the new cards…especially the new editions from version 1.2 -> halfbloods and undeads..

  5. Buddy says:

    These pages need some updates! They updated the game (alot more cards, new bosses, 3bossstages?!?, etc…)
    Äother than that quite interesting page

  6. RGibbard says:

    Hello my name is Ryan but RGibbard is my username in
    Mitzfuna and can you email me a good undead/halfblood. deck I an only lvl 32 with bad cards so please.don’t make it to rarea card deck thanks Ryan

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