Hawken Anti Sniping Tips

Hawken Anti Sniping Tips by Greenfox21

DON’T stand there and attack a siper. When you were hit first… It’s a sure death 1vs1.
DON’T hide in areas which are visible to the enemy sniper… he only needs to see a few mm of you to score a deathly hit, when you’r already hardly alive.
DON’T ever stand still… seriously.. most kills i get are these..
DON’T move straightforward with thrusters to AA on Origin… if you notice getting snipped from afar.. simply go into a hideing hole. Till you’r at AA you will have suffered half your hp as loss or more. And enemys being inside AA or around.. will laugh at you and gift you an TOW instant death.
DON’T jump with the pads to the upper AA plattform on Origiin.. IF there is a Sniper somewhere. It’s like inviting someone to shot flying ducks in a given row. Follow, Aim and Shoot the duck! Same with Straightforward rush to AA.. will end up in 50% or less health. And if you’r not going to get a repair in.. you’r death before you find the sniper most likely (1vs1).
DON’T go into turret mode on your own plattform and attack the AA, if theres a Snipe ron enemy team.. seriuosly.. i have all the time in the world killing these guys.
DON’T really DON’T repair anywhere which is visible to an enemy sniper. Ask you’r sniper teammates where it’s safe if you want a fully explanation. Ingame i will tell you.

Snipers tend to be camping on one spot. (myself included)
Cause these spot are the best visibilty spots for them. Mostly the wall before it goes down to the Energy collection rings on Origin or the Hideout bunkers before the AA in Sahahra. To counter one sniper you need either:
-2 people
-2 TOW’s
-2 Hellfires

And attack him with you’r strongest weaqpon and wait for the hit. Till you use you’r primary…
If you use you’r primary before “missle warning” comes to me. I CAN REALLY doge these well.

Ganging up behind a sniper is the most valuable tactic. As he doesn’t have eyes behind him. Only way that he knows theres someone is putting an radar somewhere behind him or an MG turret. And when you hit the cqc with a sniper. DOGE he still is able to hit you with a lot smack, if hes good. And if hes good he can survive till his friends are there to bash you in the face ^^. So doge and try to aim with the tow/co there were he will likely be in a few seconds.

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