Guns of Icarus Online Item and Skills Complete Guide

Guns of Icarus Online Item and Skills Complete Guide by spider0804

As a new player you may have noticed the pictures of items at the bottom of your screen, you can access these items by either using your mouse scroll or hitting the number keys 1-2-3-4.

Depending on your role and situation you will have two to four icons. The first icon will always be your default, no item selected. Meanwhile, the other icons are your items, and they all do unique and interesting things.

Captain items, aside from the spyglass, may only be used while driving the ship.
Gunner items may only be used while manning a gun.
Engineer items may only be used when not driving, and not manning a gun. (Walking around.)

A class gets three of its respective item, while only one of the other classes items.
A Captain is allowed three Captain items, one Engineer item, and one Gunner item.
An Engineer is allowed one Captain item, three Engineer items, and one Gunner item.
A Gunner is allowed one Captain item, one Engineer item, and three Gunner items.

Now we will go through each item with a brief description of what it does, and my opinion on that item.



Spyglass-To use the spyglass simply scroll to it or hit the correct number, it looks like a small telescope. A spyglass can spot enemy ships by putting your cursor over an enemy ship and left clicking. Left clicking an enemy will put white brackets around the enemy ship, giving a damage bonus as well as letting your team see who the enemy is.
Right click will zoom and while zooming you can mouse scroll to zoom even further.

Everyone should have a Spyglass…always…no matter what class you are.


Kerosine-Kerosine increases your ships thrust by 150% (You accelerate faster.) but also increases angular drag by 50%. (You turn slower.) In addition to this, Kerosine also damages your engines by 13 per second. If left unchecked, the engines will quickly degrade.

I prefer not to use Kerosine as it just damages the engines which ends up slowing the ship destroying any progress you have made. Woe to the captain that forgets to turn Kerosine off as well.

Moonshine-Kerosine on steroids…This bottle of steam-punk nitrous increases thrust by 300% (You accelerate MUCH faster.), decreases longitudinal drag by 300% (Your top speed is MUCH higher.), increases your angular drag by 500% (You can not turn…try it…it can not be done.), and finally…damages the engines by a whopping 40 per second.

I love using moonshine in combination with bumpers to ram ships, Line it up, turn on the moonshine, when you are close activate bumpers, enjoy the debris field that was your enemy.

Phoenix Claw-From parts unknown, having this baby activated will reduce your angular drag by 65% (You turn MUCH faster), as well as decreasing your longitudinal drag by 35% (Your forward speed will be increased slightly.), while damaging your engines for 13 per second.

I use this often to get to broadside on my enemies or make quick exit maneuvers. Generally no one can get in your horizontal blind-spots if you carry one and are smart about watching your enemies. Use sparingly as it is just as damaging as Kerosine.

Drogue Chute-Increases longitudinal drag by 300%, helping you to execute quick forward/reverse maneuvers. Damages balloon for 20 per second.

I use this on occasion on the Galleon, with it and the Phoenix Claw I am just as agile as a smaller ship.

Hydrogen Canister-Making your lighter than air craft…ever so lighter…than air. This canister reduces your vertical drag by 65% (You accelerate upwards and downwards faster.), increases climb force by 25% (You climb at a higher speed.) and increases fire ignition chance by 20%.

Who doesn’t like a little extra warmth? Hydrogen canister is a staple in my gameplay, Getting above your enemy means firing on them when they can not fire on you.

Chute Vent-Reduces vertical drag by 65% (You accelerate upwards and downwards faster.) and increases descent force by 40% (You descend at a higher speed.)

I would use this often for quick exits but at my last trying it appeared to be broken.


Impact Bumpers-These safety devices help you reduce impact damage by 25% (Ramming hurts less.), while reducing engine output by 60% (You go slower.)

Clearly designed to be used with moonshine :D.

Tar barrel-This barrel of unknown creates a cloud of black smoke that periodically cancels the Spyglass spotting ability as well as damaging your engines for 25 per second.

Twice as damaging as Kerosine for getting un-spotted when a smart captain will just spam click where the box last was. Not enough benefit for the massive damage.



Repairing is simple:

*If a component is red-you must rebuild it.
*How long this takes is dependent on your tools rebuild power.
*You must hit the red component continuously
*Many people can rebuild a single component at the same time.
*There is no cooldown for rebuilding components.

*If a component is yellow you must repair it
*All of the tools generally have the same hp repair per second so the major factor in choice is the cooldown.
*When a damaged component is struck a timer will activate based on the cooldown of your repair tool.
*No one else may repair the same component at this time, it is fruitless to continue hitting it.
*Once the timer is up, the component may be repaired again.


Rubber Mallet-I prefer the mallet as I can hit something and go do another task while the cooldown ticks.

Cooldown:15 Seconds
HP Repair:200
HP Per Second:13.3
Rebuild Power:1

Pipe Wrench-Many Engineers and Gunners use this for its rebuild power and convenient timing.

Cooldown:9 Seconds
HP Repair:100
HP Per Second:11.1
Rebuild Power:2

Shifting Spanner-I do not know anyone who uses it as you have to be at one component permanently.

Cooldown:3 Seconds
HP Repair:40
HP Per Second:13.3
Rebuild Power:3

Salvage Kit-Awesome in a pinch, Instantly turns a red component into yellow but can only be used on red components.

HP Repair:200
HP Per Second:N/A
Rebuild Power:Infinate

=Fire Control=

Fire Extinguisher-Extremely useful to put out fires and comes with a 25% less chance for the part to ignite again.
Extinguish Power:1

Fire Tarp-You can put many fires out instantly with this, but no buff comes with it so the part may reignite faster.
Cooldown: 7 Seconds
Extinguish Power: Instant


DynaBuff Industries Kit-Using this kit correctly will buff
*Hull for 30% Armor.
*Guns for 20% Damage.
*Balloon for 20% Less fire ignition chance.
*Engines for 25% higher thrust.

To use the kit:
*Select it and hit a component continuously.
*A yellow bar on the left will fill.
*Once full a yellow bar on the right will slowly tick down. (This means the component is buffed.)

The best way to use the kit is before battle get a few components one hit short of being buffed, then when battle starts hit those components so you have many things that are buffed at once. Buffing during combat is a bad idea as you are not repairing or firing.



Charged Rounds- Useful on guns where the increased explosion size compensates for the loss in damage, like a Medium Flak.
Pros:Gives 50% increased explosion area of effect
Cons:Reduces damage by 25%

Incendiary Rounds- Useful on quick firing guns like the Gatling Gun, Cannonade, Small Flak.
Pros:Increases fire ignition chance by 8%
Cons:Reduces projectile speed by 50%

You may think that fire means massive damage to the enemy ship, but in reality an experienced crew will be able to handle the fire even if everything short of the kitchen sink is on fire. At best, setting the enemy ship ablaze will incite confusion. Do not use this with slow projectile speed guns like the Mortar.


Muzzle Booster-
Pros:35% increased projectile speed.
Cons:15 Damage to gun per shot.

Can be useful on long range guns to make bullets hit almost instantly. I know Gunners who use this modification with Howitzers and Medium Flaks.

Exceptionally useful for a ship that stays out of close range combat.

Charged Rounds-
Pros:20% Projectile speed, 13% Damage.
Cons:-30% Rate of fire, 20 Damage to gun per shot.

The loss in firing speed and the hefty damage per shot means you should only use this on small magazine guns like the Medium Flak, Medium Carronade, and Small Flak. This modification can help accuracy as the rounds will fly a bit straighter.

Increases a ships first strike total damage and makes shots from that ship hard to dodge.

Modified Trigger-
Pros:35% Increased fire rate.
Cons:5 Damage to gun per shot.

Usable on a wide variety of guns because of the low damage per shot. Who does not like increased damage output? I would not use this on a very high mag gun like a Gatling or Mortar but for every other gun it is open season.

Decreases the time a strike ship needs to come in and hit the enemy, empty the magazines, and get back out alive.

Heavy Duty Spring-
Pros:-50% reload speed.
Cons:15 Damage to gun per second while reloading.

I…LOVE…this modification, it will not destroy any gun after a single reload and is extremely useful on lower mag higher damage guns. Will make a Small/Medium Carronade, Small/Medium Flak, Rocket Launcher, Howitzer so much deadlier.

This modification does not increase a ships initial strike damage, but turns it into a ship capable of dealing constant damage.


Heavy Gauntlets-Turns just about any gun into a sniper rifle.

I use these on my Captain and Engineer because frankly if I am in the gun, it is probably because both me and my enemy are falling to our doom and I do not want to miss at that crucial time.

Ammo Box-Reloads the gun with a 50% bigger magazine.

An experienced crew will have one or two people equipped with this to run around the ship hitting R while in a gun with this equipped. This will reload the gun, priming it for the fight ahead. Not as useful in combat though.



Spyglass, The rest is your preference really
Rubber Mallet
Ammo Box or Heavy Gauntlets

Many times I carry Helium and the Phoenix Claw, I would be using Chute Vent but it was broken the last time I tried it. Some highly experienced captains (Like myself.) do not use a Spyglass but only when they have a regular crew that they know will do a good job spotting and relaying information.


Pipe Wrench , Buff Kit or Salvage Kit, Fire Extinguisher or Fire Tarp
Heavy Gauntlets or Incendiary Ammo

I use the Salvage Kit and Fire Tarp.
The reason for the Pipe-Wrench is that it is more efficient at rebuilding things (Which you will be doing a lot of.) than the Rubber Mallet but still gives you time to run away and come back.


Rubber Mallet/Pipe Wrench
Ammo Box, A type of gun modification (Highly dependent on the ship layout.) Heavy Gauntlets or Incendiary Ammo

I use the Rubber Mallet but some of my usual Gunners like the Pipe Wrench for rebuilding.

Hope this helps!

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