Guild Wars 2 Warrior Sample Builds Guide

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Sample Builds Guide by themightykhoner

Hey guys. I know I’m like everyone else out there whose been anticipating GW2 for ages now, you just want to crawl under a rock and hibernate until midnight of the 24th. Instead I fill my time with creating builds and planning my adventures in GW2. While doing this I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d like to level a warrior as one of my first “endgame” characters. So, I’ve created many builds and tested them in PvE as well as PvP. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I want to build and I’d like to share it with the community. My hopes in doing so is that not only do I give others an idea of what to build, but also for me to improve my build. So please leave a comment with your opinions, or suggestions. I’d be more than happy to debate why “Trait X” is more valuable then “Trait Y”.

Greatsword / Longbow – Early Crit Build…OCcsF5wRizigBBA

This one seems to rise above the rest early on, grabbing Deep Strikes (Arms) and stacking sigils gives you immense critical strike rating.

Thanks to Gimiz for all the help!

Now that you’ve seen it, I’m going to go in-depth and describe my choices and thought process behind them.

Why Greatsword?
Greatsword seems as if it was built for PvE, not only does it grant lots of single target damage, and CC. But the AoE it provides is insane, which is ideal for dynamic events and killing multiple mobs at the same time.

Why Longbow?
Again same reason as the greatsword, although it doesn’t offer as much direct damage then the Rifle, I believe it’s easier to kite with, it offers more support / utility then the rifle, and it’s AoE is unmatched. This makes it more favorable then rifle in my mind.

What’s is the build centered around?
This build capitalizes around DPS, AoE, and Dynamic Events.

DPS :: Damage per Second :: The faster you kill a mob the sooner you can kill the next one, which optimizes your leveling experience.

AoE :: Area of Effect :: Your not only going to pull one mob, or not do dynamic events. Focusing on AoE makes you able to kill multiple mobs very fast, and clear dynamic events with ease.

Dynamic Events :: These play such a big role in PvE, and as an AoE based warrior you play a big role in dynamic events. When using this build you can hit all mobs in a dynamic event with 5+ abilities.

Strength :: 20 points.
>> Reckless Dodge (5) :: Damage foes at the end of a dodge roll. Dodging is huge part of GW2, and what better way to reward dodging then with damage?
>> Berserker’s Power (10) :: Increase damage depending on how much adrenaline you have. With this build you will be doing tons of damage, hence generating a large pool of adrenaline. More Adrenaline = More Damage
>> Building Momentum (15) :: Burst skills restore endurance. This is the counterpart of dodging. As a warrior you focus on adrenaline, and burst skills. And as a GW2 player you focus on dodging. Need I say more?
>> Slashing Power (20) :: Greatsword damage is increased by 10%. Grants you more damage for using your main weapon. Win.

Arms :: 20 points.
>> Precise Strikes (5) :: 33% chance to cause bleeding on critical hits. This is just a little bonus you get for critting.
>> Deep Strike (10) :: Gain +40 precision for each unused signet you have equipped. With this build you have 5 signets. Most of the time you have at least 3 signets up. 3×40 = 120 Precision. This will make your critical chance skyrocket.
>> Critical Burst (15) :: Burst skills have a 10% increased critical chance. On top of your huge critical chance you have this. More often then not your burst skills will crit.
>> Forceful Greatsword (20) :: Gain might on a critical hit with a greatsword. Greatsword skills recharge 20% faster. With your crit chance you chance you should be critting every other hit, might = more damage. Win.

Tactics :: 20 points.
>> Determined Revival (5) :: Gain 5 toughness per level while reviving. This helps a ton for dynamic events. Getting downed is inevitable and that toughness can go a long way
>> Stronger Bowstrings (10) :: Increased longbow range. This is great for dynamic events, and leveling. You can do damage from farther away, and can kite longer while playing solo.
>> Fast Healer (15) :: Revive 10% faster. Once again, this is amazing for dynamic events, you can pick up your allies quicker and blast through events quickly.
>> Burning Arrows (20) :: Longbow damage is increased by 10% against burning foes. Most of your longbow skills burn foes. This trait just stacks upon itself and increases your damage by a significant amount.

Discipline :: 10 points.
>> Versatile Rage (5) :: Gain 5 strikes of adrenaline on weapon swap. With this build you are constantly switching weapons, and this rewards you for it.
>> Signet Mastery (10) :: Signets recharge 20% faster. You have 5 signets, I mean… Come on..

How do I use this build?

Solo :: Pull enemies with Longbow. 5 > 3 > 2 > 1 > 4 > 1 (Until melee range). Switch to greatsword, 5 > 1 > 2 > Burst.

Events :: Greatsword 4 > 3 > 2. Longbow 4 > 3 > 2 > Burst. Rinse & Repeat.

  • Go to greatsword when longbow (AoE) abilities are on cooldown.
  • Go to longbow when greatsword (AoE) abilities are on cooldown.

(PvP) Greatsword / Double Axe – Burst Spam Crit Build…gk5sEZIyhgHBTCA

On paper this seems like the highest direct damage build out there it capitalizes on stacking might stacks, and adrenaline up-time. Your goal with this is to constantly be critting, keeping full might stacks on yourself, and full vulnerability stacks on the enemy.

I won’t go into as much detail on this one because it’s for PvP, and PvP isn’t as formula-like as PvE. For example to maximize DPS in PvE you do X, then Y, and Z, on a mob standing still. In PvP there is to many variables to get maximum DPS down to a formula. But.. enough rambling. Let’s get into it.

So first off, I take greatsword for great AoE damage, mobility, and to stack Vulnerability. With my second weapon set being double-axes. I run this for the same exact reasons I run greatsword. AoE, Mobility, and Vulnerability.

Why these traits / warrior skills?

These traits offer this build large critical strike rating (with Fury), massive damage, mobility, and survivability.

Strength :: 30 points.

I go 30 points into strength because of the damage

>> Restorative Strength (10) :: Using a heal skill removes crippled, chilled, immobilize, and weakness. Since I take no points in defensive traits, this is good to break soft CC’s ,

>> Slashing Power (20) :: Greatsword damage is increased by 10%. ’nuff said.

>> Berserker’s Might (30) :: Go into Berserker’s Stance when you gain over 5 stacks of Might. This effect can only occur once every 45 seconds. Basically will increase your adrenaline for 8 seconds every 45 seconds you are in combat.

Arms :: 15 points.

But Khoner… this is a “Crit Build” why don’t you go 30 into Arms?
Good question. The crit offered from precision cant match the crit offered from Fury Stacking. The reason for going 15 points in is for the Critical Burst minor trait, that makes the Burst’s (the main damage dealers) crit more often. More crits = more fury = more damage = more endurance = more bursts.

>> Rending Strikes (10) :: 33% chance to cause Vulnerability on critical hits. Mo’ Damage. Need I say more?

Discipline :: 25 points.

I go 25 into discipline to pick up Versatile Power and to get higher critical strike damage, and burst damage. Most important tree for this build.

>> Warrior’s Sprint (10) :: Run faster while wielding melee weapons. Not the best of traits, mostly filler, but hey more movement speed.

>> Signet Mastery (20) :: Signets recharge 20% faster. Since I run 3 signets on this build, which are all very useful, this lets you use them more often.

>> Versatile Power (25) :: Gain Might for 10 seconds on weapon swap. Most important trait, keeps your might stacks going since you are constantly switching weapons.

Why these Runes?

These Runes give power and might duration, 2 of the most important stats for this build. I wouldn’t stray to far from these.

Why these Sigils?

Since this build focuses on fury uptime, what better way to use Sigils specifically for it?

How do I use this build?

  • Maintain maximum stacks of Fury. This can be done by critting, switching weapons, Signet of Rage, Arcing Slice, and Dual Strike.
  • Maintain maximum bleed / vulnerability stacks. This can be done by critting, Swing, Slice, and Cyclone Axe.
  • Maintain health / condition-free. Mending, Shake it Off, Signet of Stamina.
  • Revive teammates.

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