Guild Wars 2 Warrior Power Rifle Build Guide

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Power Rifle Build Guide by Zinn

I’ve finalized my builds for launch and this is one of the two.…LLXOukctwYUwsAA


The first thing you need to do is precharge your adrenaline to full using signet of fury.  The reason being with the traits berserker focus and heightened focus, you gain 12% damage and 9% crit chance if your adrenaline bar is full.

Your attack sequence is to open with rifle applying a bleed.  This activates you 10% bleed damage trait.  Follow this up with you vulnerability attack to get 5% more damage.  Then you use volley.

If they are closing on you, switch weapons and eviscerate.  Your cooldown on signet of fury will have long since been up so charge you adrenaline bars again to full with it.  Some targets you will have killed at this point.  If not, go defensive.  You can either wait out the eviscerate timer or switch for the knockback and kite a bit.

You always want to keep you adrenaline full.  Only using it on the eviscerate and then immediately filling it up again with the signet.

Possible Changes

Here is a list of changes to traits and abilities you may consider:

  • Shake it off exchanged for balanced stance
  • Shake it off exchanged for On My Mark
  • Rending strikes exchanged for Deep cuts
  • Rune of Divinity for Rune of the Scholar

With the three forms of condition removal, I felt it was in a good spot overall.  Bringing in balanced stance is probably something I will do at launch.  Bringing in On My Mark and Rune of the Scholar is something I am considering for opening burst.  Those two together will add another 20% damage and 105 more power with the loss of a little bit of survival.

Deep cuts is simply to extend the bleed time to make sure the 10% damage to bleeding targets doesn’t drop.  With the high crit and other bleed proc, I never found that I really needed it though.

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