Guild Wars 2 Warrior Lazy Build Guide

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Lazy Build Guide by CheeseThief

Been getting excited for release and into character building mood but I can’t say that I’m a very good player, I missed most of the beta weekends and all the stress tests because of work, but the time I did play I found myself to be uncoordinated enough to press all the wrong utility skill button and have bad enough reflexes to not be able to dodge anything or the foresight to see it coming, ‘it’ usually being something painful.

So I have set about making myself a build that requires zero effort to play but is still plenty powerful so I don’t feel like a burden on my team in any of the game modes. The general gist of things is that I wanted a warrior build that was as good as possible yet required as little effort as possible to play, and basically I stacked as many passives as I could.…GrNObk2sKYUw8CA

Onto the build!

For starters I’ve decided to go with an all signet build, with the deep strike perk each unused signet gives me 2.3% additional crit chance if my math is right, and since there is a fairly good chance I’m not going to be using them anyway it seemed like a logical setup. The extra stats are always useful and I have some stability and condition removal in there for emergencies.

Points have been placed in an effort to get me the most amount of passive effects, or rewards for things I’d be doing anyway;

10 points into the Strength line to unlock berserkers Power, extra damage for not pressing a button is always a win in my book, so this perk got picked up as a matter of principle.

25 points into the arms tree to unlock Attack of Opportunity, the grandmaster traits didn’t enthuse me too much so I stopped there. Since I was starting down the arms tree anyway for the Deep Strike perk and the Rifle is a very easy to use weapon, getting the extra damage to bleeding opponents and reduced cool downs made sense.

25 points into the Defence tree, mainly because of the Armoured Attack perk, it looked like it gave me a decent bonus and the additional durability helps cover my ineptitude. Missile Deflection was just too tempting to my inner troll to leave out and since this build doesn’t have much in the way of negating the effects of crowd control I flipped a coin between Last Stand and Turtles Defence, Last Stand won.

10 points into Discipline for much the same reason as Strength, I didn’t need to go too deep to get a nice passive.

The Soldiers Amulet and Jewel looked like a good idea for the build, lots of extra power so I hit harder to make up for my lowish crit chance, vitality so I survive longer and a large helping of toughness for lots of armour and a little bit of additional power through the Armoured Attack perk.

Weapon choices are Sword and Shield because I think they look cool, and the Rifle because it’s easy. Both weapons have the added bonus of applying bleeds extremely easily for the additional damage from Attack of Opportunity.

Sigil of Force on the Rifle and Sword, Sigil of Ice on the shield because randomly freezing people sounded like a good idea.

Dolyak Rune for the sake of extra Toughness for Armoured Attack and because the regeneration sounded useful.

Running at 3 pips of adrenaline and adding up all the other bonuses I think I get;

  • +20% extra damage (+10% against bleeding, +5% from Sigil of Force, +5% from Berserkers Power)
  • 36% crit chance (16% basic, +11.5% from signets, +9% from Heightened Focus)
  • 5 Stacks of Regeneration (Three from Adrenal Health and one each from Healing Signet and Dolyak rune set)
  • 3100~ Attack
  • 3200~ Armour
  • 25000 health

Gameplay involves bashing things, maybe using my elite if I’m feeling up to it. Pop the Signet of Stamina if conditions get too hard to handle but otherwise… yea.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve this while still keeping it as effortless to play as possible?

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