Guild Wars 2 Thief Might and Mobility Build Guide

Guild Wars 2 Thief Might and Mobility Build Guide by PriestessLara

This is a full build I’ve put together after the second BWE with gear.

Skills and traits:;kaa…YVU;Ybbb;bgZcY

The skills and traits focus a lot on mobility and getting buffed from this. The build is designed to do a lot of condition damage, but also dodge a lot for survivability, and buff up with might stacks to do respectable direct damage. Here are the skills and traits summarized.

Withdraw = every 15 seconds heals, gives back 4 initiative, removes immobilizing conditions, and increases stamina regen by 100% for 10 seconds.
Shadowstep = mobility and condition removal
Venoms = gain might and apply various conditions.

Trait lines:
Deadly arts = buff poisons to give might, power, and condition duration
Acrobatics = buff dodging to give might, vitality, and boon duration
Trickery = buff condition damage and give initiative regen


Weapons are dagger/dagger and pistol/dagger. Both sets have effective direct damage and bleed attacks to take advantage of the +power and +condition damage.

Weapon sigils:

Sigils of superior battle and energy on each weapon set. (On weapon swap, gain 3 stacks of might, and 50% endurance).

Amulet: Carrion amulet with carrion jewel (condition damage, power, and vitality):

Armour runes: Rune of strength, which buffs might. Since we’re using might a lot, this helps keep it going.

Stats from traits and gear: (probably missing some gear, since these numbers seem low – this is just with traits, amulet, and armour runes, but it gives you a good idea of the basic stat breakdown)

Power = 1009
Condition damage = 1223
Vitality = 884
Boon duration = +20%
Condition duration = +20%
Might duration +20%
Steal recharge reduction = 30%
Bonus damage from might = +5%
Other bonus damage = +2% per initiative.

Playing this, want to dodge and weapon swap a lot to keep might going. With all the dodging possible and venoms, should maintain quite high might stacks. With power and condition damage being the main stats, can use a range of attacks effectively.

Direct attacks will probably hit harder than condition damage, since have all the +damage and +might, but condition damage won’t be useless.

For PvE gear, it’s best to just keep crafting going. By taking weaponsmith, you’ll always be able to keep your daggers good – crafting three daggers and finding one pistol is easier than the other way around. And with leatherworking you can craft armour.

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