Guild Wars 2 Thief High Damage Build

Guild Wars 2 Thief High Damage Build by Nime

Hi everyone

I have been thinking about playing a thief in GW2. But the builds which I have already seen do not quite support the way I play a thief. This is the main reason why I have tried to create my own build. Unfortunately I am missing some information because I haven’t had the opportunity to take part in a BWE yet (have ordered the pre-purchase pack today…). This is the reason why I hope you can help me finish my build or improve it.

This is my build so far:;ppa…aaa;cbbb;ZeTcY

This is my idea about how to play it:

General Idea
I prefeer to do a lot of damage without having to wait (conditions). So I need a lot of critical damage and damage bonuses and have to hit as many times as possible (no misses).

Starting the Combat
S/D is my starting Set. When I have spotted a suitable enemy I can throw some daggers to do some damage and/or activate either Devourer Venom or Basilisk Venom (Both will gain +1 Strike because of trait). I enter combat with Infiltrator’s Strike to get in front of my enemy, who by now should not be able to move anymore (Devourer Venom should last 9 seconds). Alternatively I can pull the enemy right in front of me with using Scorpion Wire.

Stealth and Flanking
I use Flanking Strike to get behind him and Cloak and Dagger to get stealth. Now I have all my bonus damage indicators activated (Flanking, Stealth and a lot of Critical Rate + Damage) and I am in a very good position to deal a lot of damage.
I can now use one stealth attack with +50% crit. chance becuase of stealth and some extra because of flanking. To do this I now switch to D/D to be able to cast my Dual Skill (Leaping Death Blossom) which has increased Crit Chance and does more damage or Backstap which does more damage from behind. Whenever I loose Stealth I can trigger Hide in Shadows and use antoher attack which now depends on how much health my enemy still has. Maybe Heartseeker would be a good choice right now.

Well this is how this Build should be played.

Now I have still 10 points left which I can not decide on how to spend them. Here some possibilities:

– 10 Points into Shadow Arts to either get Venomous Aura or Patience.
– 10 Points into Acrobatics to either get Combined Tactics, Quick Pockets or Quick Recovery.

I think this build needs a lot of Initiative which is why I need something to get it back…

What do you think of my build and how would you spend the last 10 points? What would you change to improve this build?

I am curious to see what you would do with my build.



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