Guild Wars 2 Necromancer PvP Build Guide

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer PvP Build Guide by Sathar

Okay so, I thought I’d look into the skill calculator and just make a build that suits my playstyle. So anywho I made a build that’s based on conditions(debuffs) and Blood magic(lifedrain)…|0|0|0|0|3|15|

Okay so this is my first build and I hardly even played the necro but I’m thinking about rolling a necro and I took some time looking into the different builds, so ye here’s an explanation of the most important things :

Okay so as you noticed I took scepter and dagger as my main weapons… why? Simply because of the 1st passive of blood magic and the last passive from curses and because of the spells the 2 weapons provided of course. Scepter gives me 2 bleeds+slow which works well with the 1st passive from curses(20% bleed duration), and a life force generating ability that comes with doable damage. The dagger as a secondary weapon provides me with 1 bleed+weakness and a 6s blind which is quite nice.

Ehm, okay off to my secondary weapon. Some of you might not understand why I took this but this is just a thought so ye lets say you’re in trouble(< 30% hp left) and you have to go survival mode, you switch to secondary and you pop immobilize on the target and the cone daze and you pop siphon liffe for as long as possible, if they come close whatsoever pop your locust swarm(slows foes and increases your movement speed) and you can get away pretty easily with life left and you can also pop the utility things such as sacrifice pet for hp or the siphon life mark and with the blood magic talents you will regain loads of hp back. As I said this is jsut a theory and there are probably better builds out there .

now for my utility spells,
1: the minion this one is mostly cause I wanted 1 pet and it provides healing as it is dealing damage and also the active provides shitloads of damage(excuse my language),
2: spectral walk, this used against unexperienced enemies will confuse the crap out of them u run away with silly speed and then pop up behind them, this will work the first few weeks I guess.
3: healing, self explanatory already explained this 1 goes well with my blood magic.
4: This one can be replaced but I don’t know how it works but it sounds amazing to revive 3 people at once(not tested, might be a long channeling spell).
5: this 1 goes well with my curses talents and is a great aoe DoT spell.

So ye that’s pretty much it, feel free to criticise this build since it’s probably not optimal but it’s just my theorycraftig and thoughts. I’m definately going to try this 1 out and ofc I’m going to switch out bad stuff and improve it ove time, but at the time I don’t have enough experience nor with necros or with the build as a whole. for those who even read this far I thank you with all my heart. Sincerely Sathar.

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