Guild Wars 2 Grendich Gamble Puzzle Solution Guide

Guild Wars 2 Grendich Gamble Puzzle Solution Guide by Gabriel

Grendich Puzzle is one of the puzzles under “Explorer” achievement which gives 10 achievement points.

This puzzle took me quite a while because I was a bit rushing it at first. You will need a lot of patience and concentration in doing this (like some hard vistas).

3 Things to learn before doing this puzzle
1.) Long jump – Press and hold W+Space, the longest jump your character can do
2.) Short jump – Press W+Space (Really short distance jumps, small landing platform)
3.) Jump – Simply press Space

So first, its location…

It’s in Blasted Moors under Dissea Plateau (above black citadel, on the right of wayferer foothills). This makes it more accessible to Charrs and Norns.

Let’s get started (Comments/Instruction are written below each picture)

Go up the stairs… You will see 3 ghost cannons, you can either destroy it or walk past it.

From the first stairs, turn right for another set of stairs, go up again. Proceed with caution, take note of some cracks on the floor.

From the second set of stairs turn right again and you will see that the next set of stairs is in the other side. Do a LONG JUMP and land on the small space.

You are now on the third set of stairs, turn right again.

From here do a JUMP.

Here is where the hard part starts, go straight then do a JUMP on the lowest part of the destroyed wall

From there do a JUMP to your right. Then face north.

After facing north. Do a LONG JUMP to this space.

Do a SHORT JUMP to the first small piece of wood you see.

On to the next one, do another SHORT JUMP.

And… another SHORT JUMP.

From there, JUMP to this part.

This is one of the hardest parts in this puzzle, you have to do this slowly. Go to the edge of the platform then slowly move to the left, and drop to the small wood on the left side.

Then do a LONG JUMP to the destroyed part of the wall, north of your character.

You’re almost done, this is another toughest part of the puzzle.

First, LONG JUMP on the lowest wood.

Then do another LONG JUMP to the destroyed wall.

Then another LONG JUMP to the wood.

Then do a SHORT JUMP to the wood right next to it. (This is a bit tough because the camera view will act a little buggy because you’re up against the wall. Do it slowly)

From the wood, do a LONG JUMP and land on the floor near the stairs. Go up the stairs.

On top you’re gonna fight a veteran ascalonian and a ghost trebuchet.

Now you’re done you will unlock the achievement and get 10 achievement points

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