Guild Wars 2 Getting Level 80 Gear Guide

Guild Wars 2 Getting Level 80 Gear Guide by Zyfo

So, when you reach level 80 you obviously have a bunch of level 60-79 greens and a few rares maybe. You probably have a bunch of karma aswell and atleast 2 gold. Now you’re all like, hmp how do i get geared up. You can easily get decent geared in this game, there’s a vendor in your factions headquarters you picked to join in your Personal storyline. (For example the Vigil Keep) There you can buy a bunch of Power/Vitality/Toughness gear that is level 80 rare for only 15-30 silver a piece and you can also buy weapons there, Rare lvl 80 gear with different stats can also drop in Orr and other high level zones.

To get exotics (Highest quality gear) though you either have to craft for high-end materials that you find in high-level zones. Do explorable dungeons to get dungeon tokens and then buy armor and weapons of vendors, or capturing temples in Ruins of Orr by doing chain events and killing the boss in that temple to spawn Karma vendors there that sell exotic armor for 42k per piece. (There are 5 different temples that you can capture and defend in Orr to keep the karma vendors up, and they sell different stat combinations of gear) This is basically the end-game PvE content along with dungeons.

Level 80 Rare runes, sigils and jewelry like amulets and rings can either be crafted or dropped in high level zones. Exotic runes, sigils and jewelry other the other hand, is only craftable or you can upgrade them in the mystic forge,  so for example if you’ve 4 80 rare rings that has dropped, then you can throw them in the mystic forge in Lions Arch, and you have a chance to get an exotic ring with random stats. You can do the same with weapons and armor that is rare, and you can upgrade Masterwork items to rare aswell, I’m not sure what the percentage is though.

There’s one more way to get gear, and that is through WvW, i will start with the karma vendor that stands in your main base in WvW. He basically sells lvl 80 Fine, Masterwork, and Rare armor and weapons for karma the rare armor is slightly cheaper than the exotics that you can buy from Orr. BUT here you can also buy rare rings, amulets and accesories , all these rare pieces are around 15-30k karma each. And there’s also 2 other vendors that sell exotic gear for badges of honor that you get for doing WvW when you kill people etc, these vendors sell weapons, armor and jewelry aswell but in exotic quality for badges of honor and I’m pretty sure these are the only vendors in GW2 that sell jewelry at all, and these are located in the WvW maps in your home base.

And for people that doesn’t already know, items with the same quality and level has the same stat amount, but different stat combinations. So for example.. a level 80 rare has the same stat amount as another level 80 rare but different stat combinations. And with all this information, you can also sum up that cultural armor and weapons are not worth buying.

Additional Info by rodarin

I will post what I saw here, at least for medium armor.

I will preface this by saying that the generic kharma gear, which is VASTLY cheaper isn’t that much lower than the exotic stuff I have seen. Difference is you get ‘set bonuses’ but as far as I know that is only linked to the runes, so if you having matching runes you get the set bonus.

For brevity first number will be armor. V = Vitality, Pre= precision, Pow=power, T= toughness, HP=healing power, CD=condition. Also all have same armor rating so wont duplicate it after the first list.


Boots 157 24Pre; 24T 34CD
Coat 338 72Pre; 72T; 101CD
Glove 157 34Pow; 24T; 24V
Mask 97 32Pre; 32V; 45HP
Leg 218 48Pre; 48T; 67CD
Shoulder 97 24Pre; 24V’ 34Pow


Boot 34Pow; 24T; 24V
Coat 72Pre; 72T; 101 CD (Same as Grenth)
Glove 24Pre; 24T; 34CD
Mask 32Pre; 32V; 45HP (same as Grenth)
Leg 48Pre; 48T; 67CD (same as Grenth)
Shoulder 24Pre; 24T; 34CD


Boot 24Pre; 24Vit; 34HP
Coat 101Pow; 72T; 72V
Glove 34Pow; 24T; 24V (same as Grenth)
Mask 32Pre; 32Vit; 45HP (same as Arah and Grenth)
Leg 48Pre; 48T; 67 CD (same as Grenth and Arah)
Shoulder 24Pre; 24 V; 34T


Boot 34Pow; 24T; 24V (same as Arah)
Coat 101Pow; 72V; 72T (same as Lyssa)
Glove 24Pre; 24V; 34HP
Mask 45Pow; 32T; 32V
Leg 48Pre; 48V; 67HP
Shoulder 34 Pow; 24T; 24V


Boot 27Pow; 20T; 20V
Coat 72Pre; 72V; 101HP
Glove 24Pre; 24V; 34HP
Mask 45Pow; 32T; 32V
Leg 48Pre; 48T; 67CD
Shoulder 34Pre(I think); 24T; 24V

Now the generic Kharma stuff….(again medium since that is what my toon uses)


Boot (Caer of Shadows) 129 Armor 27Pow; 20T; 20T 924 Kharma
Coat (Anchorage) 278 Armor 59Pre; 59 V; 82HP 1386 Kharma
Glove (R&D) 129 Armor 27Pow; 20T; 20V 833Kharma
Mask (Shelter) 80 Armor 25Pre; 26T; 37CD 1155Kharma
Leg (Penitent)179 Armor 39Pow; 39T; 55CD 1295Kharma
Shoulder(Jofast) 80 Armor 20Pre; 20V; 27HP 1022Kharma

That’s around 6600 Kharma for a full set. Statswise (depending on set) not extreme.

I am not sure what crafted gear looks like as I cant access the TP to raise my crafting up enough to see. But a ‘qhick’ upgrade is as simple as getting the generic stuff, should improve most people greatly simply by doing that.

A full set of the exotics is (obviously) 252K Kharma, but depending on how you zerg the events, that might take about 10 days to do. I have over 54 (and I have sepnt a few thousand along the way) and I just do them as they come along and do not go with the zerg.So it all depends on what you want. I figure if enough people stick around guys will be buying the exotic kharma stuff strictly for the sigils to sell on the TP so people can make ‘dirty sets’. Where you will mix and match the bear stats you like and just add the sigils to math the ones you have.

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