Guild Wars 2 Getting Glory Guide

Guild Wars 2 Getting Glory Guide by Dsmac

Here is a guide on how to get glory points in structured PvP for new players.

What are glory points?
Glory points is a currency that can be used to buy cooler looking PvP equipment and unlock reward chests. The more glory points you have the higher rank you can get and the rewards are even better.

Getting glory points
Killing enemies, capturing points, landing hits with trebuchet, ending game bonuses (winning and being top player).

Okay now let’s cover the details
BE SELFISH, yes that is correct if you want a larger amount of points be selfish. Getting glory is about being a smart player.

Player Killing
When killing enemies do not go alone. It does not matter if you can down a player. If you do not finish them and there is no team follow up, you wasted your time. Follow your team so you can use them to soak up damage. You need around 4-5 hits on a target to get credit on a finish. If you see a downed player that you have not damaged yet, do NOT finish right away. If you do so you will not be rewarded. You must hit the downed player a few times before finishing to get points.

Capturing Points
At the start of the map go to the closest capture point, because that generally guarantees you 10 points. Whenever you capture a point LEAVE! Leave, because if you are just sitting there defending like a good player, you will not be rewarded. You will probably end up in a 1v1 soon to become a 1v2 to a 1v3 situation. Even if you win the 1v1 you probably did not end up finishing your enemy, you get nothing. People understand that defending is worthless due to the current game system’s way of awarding glory. For the most part people just leave after capture. This now allows you to recapture the point for even more points. Keep it mind its not about playing the game properly it’s about playing smart.

Stick with the team unless you find someone you can 1v1 and win. Killing a player and finishing them gives the most points at a relatively fast rate. Do the fighting when capturing is too far away, because that is where the points are. Do NOT bait the enemy team or stall the enemy team from doing objectives by sacrificing yourself. This is pointless, because you can be spending your time trying to get kills. Winning the game only rewards you with around 20 extra points. Losing the game gives you 10 extra points. Again if your enemy captures a location, this opens up an opportunity to recapture the point for more points.

You only get credit for dealing damage so no.

Important Notes
You are not being rewarded for PvPing properly.
-Capture and recapture=success
-Time is money (glory), don’t waste your time doing nothing
-Points are not based on a team effort or effort for that matter.

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