Guild Wars 2 All Sylvari Vistas Locations Guide

Guild Wars 2 All Sylvari Vistas Locations Guide by Lucent

heres my guide on how to get to all the vistas in the Sylvari starting areas, Caledon Forest and The Grove.

First I’ll begin with the spots in Caledon Forest. If you do not have the area unveiled yet and you’re not sure where to go to find spots listed, you can look at this overview map, fully explored.

Vista #1: South-eastern The Verdance, west Sleive’s Inlet
Closest waypoint – Sleive’s waypoint

The vista is located on a mountain just south of Sleive’s Waypoint, where the heart quest for Wyld Hunt Valiant Caillech is located. You can spot the vista location from the mountainside that Caillech is standing on. Simply jump down, and try to find jagged edges in the mountain to use as steps to jump up (there are several, but it may take a lot of jumping). Once you reach the top, you’ll probably be on the other side of the mountain from the vista separated by a large log, but theres a gap under it that you can easily walk under to get to the vista.

Vista #2: Ogham Wilds
Closest Waypoint – Caer Astorea waypoint

This vista is very easy to get to. You simply go to the Caer Astorea waypoint and go west from there. There will be several peninsula shaped cliffs, and the vista is on one of them. No special jumping, you simply have to get to the right cliff, which may require you to go under a log, but chances are if you go from the Caer Astorea waypoint you’ll immediately walk to the correct one.

Vista #3: Bay Haven, Northern Sandycove Beach
Closest Waypoint – Gleaner’s Cove waypoint

This is a bit of a long walk if you go from the Gleaner’s Cove waypoint, but its very simple. you’ll find a small outpost called Bay Haven, and all you have to do is walk onto the northern battlement, jump onto the wall and walk across a plank. Its very easy to spot and not hard at all to get to.

Vista #4: Ruins of the Unseen
Closest Waypoint – Mabon waypoint

Start by going to the town of Mabon, north of Sandycove Beach. Then take the northern road out of the town. You should see what looks like a blue waypoint, but its a heart quest camp. From there, you want to turn west where you should see a large wall, the Ruins of the Unseen. Look for a spot on the southern end of the wall where you can jump on a rock and take a ramp up. You’ll have to jump onto a rock pillar, and then turn around to jump onto a new platform. On the left side of the platform (facing it from the pillar), you’ll see some wooden plank ramps. Go up those, and you should see what looks like a wall with a window in it. You cannot jump through, so don’t try, simply look around again and you should see another wooden plank leading across. This will lead you right up to where the vista is, but you have to make one last jump! Its a long jump, so be sure you’re on the edge of the wall when you do jump, and make sure you keep holding down your movement to propell you far.

Vista #5: Caledon Haven
Closest Waypoint – Caledon Haven waypoint

Just like Bay Haven, this is another minor Lionguard outpost. As soon as you enter it, youll see some stairs leading up to the battlements. From there, look to the left (northeast) and you should see some wooden planks leading to one of the sides of the battlements. Go up to it and at the end you should see the vista, simply jump up onto the edge of the wall to be able to use it.

Vista #6: Ventry Bay
Closest Waypoint – Mabon waypoint, Sperrins waypoint

This vista is located on a small island in Ventry Bay. There are 2 (debatably 3) waypoints that are close to it, Mabon waypoint and Sperrins waypoint. If you go from Sperrins, you will be walking to the north-west of the waypoint across a bit of water. If you go from Mabon, you will be going east across a small inlet. It should be able to spot the island, its at the edge of the inlet with a very large rock on it. There will be a scout on the beach of it. Right beside the scout is a small rock you can walk up, and from there you will see lone planks to jump up. This can be fairly challenging, some will require long jumps, and others will require a bit of restraint. Know that you don’t have to jump as far as you think to actually land on the planks, so be careful and try not to overshoot. The planks will lead around the rock a short bit until you’ll finally encounter a solid plank and reach the top, where the vista is located.

Vista #7: Hanto Trading Post/Titan’s Staircase
Closest Waypoint – Titan’s Staircase waypoint

Follow the road northwest from the Titan’s Staircase waypoint, and you should find an the Hanto Trading Post town. If you go to the northeastern edge of the town, you should be able to see where a large cliff leads down to a vista at its edge. Very simple, just jump up and walk down to where the vista is located.

Vista #8: Kraitbane Haven
Closest Waypoint – Kraitbane Haven waypoint

This is one is located in the final Lionguard outpost, far in the northeastern corner of the map. Once you’re inside, there will be stairs leading up to the battlements on the eastern side of the outpost. From there you should be able to spot a large tower with wood ramps going all the way up. Most of these are very easy to jump across, but at the top you’ll find a few lone planks. If you stick close to the edge of the wall you should be able to avoid falling all the way back to the beginning, but you may have to circle around the wall again on the edge if you do fall.

Thats it! Now you can try the vistas in The Grove.

Vista #1: Upper level, Caledon waypoint

You can find this one as soon as you enter the city from Caledon Forest. Go to the east of Caledon waypoint until you get to the small building at the end. Inside you’ll see mushrooms growing on the sides of the wall. The lowest mushrooms will be on the northern end of the building, climb up those and you’ll have to jump across to the other side after a few mushrooms. Follow those up and around until you get to the top of the building where the vista is located.

Vista #2: Upper level, east of the Asura Gate

This one is extremely easy, just go east of the Asura gate and you should find an overlook, theres nothing special to this vista, just go up and use it!

Vista #3: Upper Commons

Just east of the Upper Commons waypoint you’ll find a large building where the armorsmith and weaponsmith are located. If you go to the northern end of the building, you’ll see some very large mushroom caps you can jump up. This will lead you to the top of the building, and you’ll want to head to the southern end of it, where you’ll find the vista.

Vista #4: Lower/Middle level, Scholar’s Terrace

If you go northeast from where Scholar’s Terrace is located on the map in the Middle Level of the city, you should be able to look over the side to the lower level and see what looks like a seed pod house with a large thorn kind of thing coming out from the top. You can jump off the side of the middle level onto the top of it, and walk down to the opening where the vista is.

Vista #5: Lower Level, Ronan’s waypoint

At the bottom level of The Grove, go to Ronan’s waypoint, from there you’ll see a ramp leading back up to the middle level. Go up about half way and you should see some mushroom caps. Jump up those a short bit and you’ll find the vista.

Vista #6: Lower level, Garden of Dawn

Just south of the Garden of Dawn on your map, you’ll find a small house/building with mushrooms leading up the side, follow the mushroom caps to the top of the building and you’ll find the vista.

That’s it! You should now be able to easily get both vistas for both zones!

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