Ghost Recon Online Classes Tips and Tricks

Ghost Recon Online Classes Tips and Tricks by BigGhostDaddy

0. Devices and support abilities

  • Each class has 2 devices (unlocked at level 2) and 2 team support abilities (unlocked at level 8)
  • There are Mk.II and Mk.III versions which you will have to buy.
    =>For devices: Stat wise they are the same, however they have a free upgrade slot (2 upgrade slots for Mk.III)

    • Upgrades can speed up activation time, speed up energy regeneration, increase angles/areas or increase strenght

    => For abilities (No Mk.III): Increased power

1. Specialist

  • Support unit
    => Good for suppressing (with LMG)
  • Can use LMG’s and shotguns
  • Has medium armor
  • Devices:
    => Each device needs a certain amount of energy (I think it’s 150s to reach that amount) in order to be activated. Activation charge takes a couple of seconds and it cannot be deactivated until energy depletes.
    => Aegis Shield: Spawns a bubble shield that blocks all incoming bullets and grenades. While the shield is up, the user moves at walking speed.
    => To counter this device:

    • Kill the user while the device charges to be activated (Has a specific charge sound)
    • Get inside and kill the user (easiest as recon with cloak)
    • Stay out of sight/line of fire
    • Blackout device
    • Blitz shield
    • Use heat to damage everyone under the shield and slow down advance

    =>Best used to push attacks or clear areas
    => Blackout device: Fires EMP burst in small area. This burst sets devices to 0 energy and the victim cannot attack for a couple of seconds. Also the HUD is distorted.
    =>To counter this device:

    • Kill the user while the device charges to be activated (Has a specific charge sound).
    • Stay out of the area. COVER DOES NOT PROTECT.
    • Stay away from the user after being blacked out. You cannot defend yourself for a couple of seconds!
    • Another blackout device

    => Best used to counter other devices

  • Team support abilities:
    => Energy regeneration: Speeds up energy regeneration of devices
    => Ammo regeneration: Replenishes lost ammo


2. Assault

  • Assault unit
    => Good for attacking
  • Can use assault rifles and shotguns
  • Has heavy armor
  • Devices:
    => Each device takes 150s to charge. Can be deactivated at will, but energy amount will be set to 0.
    => Blitz:

=> User uses the shield on his back to move at a faster speed, knocking down enemies on his/her path and leaving them defenseless on the ground for a couple of seconds.
=> Shield blocks bullets, even when not deployed.
=> To counter this:

  • Back, feet and bottom parts of the legs are not protected. Shoot them there.
  • Use blackout device
  • Run against the user with another shield (will down both users!)
  • CLOAKED RECON ONLY: Go in to cloak so the blitz user has harder time seeing you (this has saved my live a couple of times after being blitzed)
  • Make sure someone is covering you. This person can shoot the blitzer before he/she shoots you.
  • Use (impact) grenades

=> Best used against well positioned enemies. Have allies kill the downed opponents, so you can still run with your shield towards another enemy/better position.
=> Heat:
=> Suppresses and damages all enemies inside a certain (triangular) area. Damage is low, however Mk.II version can be upgraded to increase damage.
=> Leaves the user defenseless
=> To counter this:

  • Stay behind cover/out of the area
  • If you are not that far away from the heat user, move in and melee kill him/her
  • Use blackout

=>Best used to prevent enemy advancements or allow squad mates to advance more safely.

  • Team support abilities:
    => Health regeneration: Speeds up health regeneration
    => Harden: Increases damage protection

3. Recon

  • Scout unit or hit and run
    => Good for providing intelligence, countering snipers and being annoying (just make sure you annoy the enemy and not your own team)
  • Can use SMG’s and sniper rifles
  • Has light armor
  • Devices:
    => Each device can be activated (for a small cost) and deactivated at will.
    => Cloak:
    => Camo that reduces being seen (DOES NOT MAKE INVISIBLE AS SOME MIGHT THINK)
    => Energy depletes faster when being shot
    => Deactivates when attacking (Mk.II device can be upgraded to remain active)
    => To counter this:

    • Listen carefully, they still make sound
    • Watch for distortions
    • Use blackout
    • Spray the area when with bullets you believe you have seen one
    • Use the recon’s vector detector

    => Best used to get behind enemy lines or to counter aegis shield
    => Oracle:
    => A good thread about oracle can be found here.
    => Can be used to detect enemies through objects
    => To counter this:

    • Kill the user
    • Use blackout on the user
    • Keep moving so the user will need to use more energy to keep tracking you

    => Best used to increase survival chances of your teammates and yourself

  • Team support abilities:
    => Vector Detector: Detects sprinting enemies within a certain area
    => Gunshot detector: Detects shooting enemies within a certain area


4. Specialist builds

  • Blackout + LMG:
    • Blackout requires you to be closer to the enemy, so LMG is not the best chose (however it’s possible).
    • It is a good build if you only use blackout to counter other devices, since most of them require the enemy to get near you.
  • Blackout + shotgun:
    • Good build to use the blackout’s stun effect. After enemies are stunned, you can get in close more safely and finish them off quickly.
    • Still good build to counter other devices.
  • Aegis + LMG:
    • Good build to clear a path while aegis shield is in effect
  • Aegis + Shotgun:
    • Good build to keep enemies out of your shield. Not so effective for clearing paths.
    • Requires teammates under the shield for more effective use.

5. Assualt Builds

  • The combination you use does not really matter because with heat you cannot shoot anyway and with Blitz, the opponent(s) is/are downed and defenseless.
  • SMALL REMARK: I prefer a shotgun with blitz as you can finish your victims off faster without having to worry about empty clips.

6. recon builds

  • Oracle + sniper rifle:
    • Good build to provide cover and intell.
    • If you choose this build, you should focus more on taking down flankers and well positioned players. However, enemy snipers should also be your targets (if they take down your team too much).
  • Oracle + SMG:
    • Good build to provide support at the front and intell.
    • Not the easiest recon build, but you will add more power to the offensive capabilities (Enemy locations are known faster/more in advance, because oracles from snipers don’t reach that far).
  • Cloak + Sniper:
    • There are only 2 reasons why this build benefits the team and that is to take down enemy snipers or to survive at the front more easy.
      => If you position yourself at the back, only enemy snipers can finish you off in an easy way.
      => At the front, it’s important that you can peek from cover and take down an enemy. Just like the shotgun: First shot counts.
  • Cloak + SMG:
    • Probably the most offensive build of all classes, but the least team play oriented.
    • Good for getting behind enemy lines and take everyone out. Also good to scout or get away from fights you cannot win.
    • If you take this build please focus on taking out snipers or well positioned enemies. You will help the team the most with that.

Don’t forget to add your own tips ‘n tricks to this thread!

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