Gameglobe Score Multiplier Guide

Gameglobe Score Multiplier Guide by Megalamb

For those of you that haven’t worked it out on your own, I feel compelled to write a short guide on how the Score Multiplier works.

Every time you pick up a score pickup, there is a jingly noise of it being attracted to you. You don’t get the score itself until your character has actually received the pickup and that jingly noise ends. If you complete the level before that pickup is received, that pickup’s score will not register.

When you receive a score pickup, it takes exactly 1 second from the last one you picked up for your score to roll up to the total score amount. If you receive more pickups in that 1 second, you can produce a Score Multiplier. Whether the score pickups are worth 50 points or 1000 points, your score will still take exactly 1 second to roll up.

For every 5 pickups you receive without losing the multiplier, your multiplier increases. This multiplier applies to the 5th pickup every time. For example, if you were to pickup 10 Gold Pickups in quick succession, this would be the score pattern:

1. 1000
2. 2000
3. 3000
4. 4000
5. 6000 (x2)
6. 8000
7. 10000
8. 12000
9. 14000
10. 17000 (x3)

This continues in this fashion until one second passes since the last pickup is received when the Score Multiplier is reset.

I hope this is useful to any of you score fanatics out there ;) – Now, go beat my scores!

Update: Any score pickups that drop from enemies or crates will disappear after exactly 10 seconds if not picked up. Weapons and health pickups stay for 30 seconds.

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