Gameglobe Props and Coins Disappearing Guide

Gameglobe Props and Coins Disappearing Guide by sisimizi

So I have seen some players having issues with having no more props which they bought and no coins.

This issue happens when: 1.You use a different computer, for example if you first time logged on gameglobe using PC or any other computer (Example: You first time played Gameglobe on PC, the next time you wanted to play it on Laptop but you will see that you don’t have coins and props in build), then other computer won’t load your coins, props, etc and you won’t be able to buy anything.

2.When you use a different browsers (I haven’t tested this yet), so it might happen if you used Firefox and now you use Internet Explorer you won’t have your coins and props in Internet Explorer (or backwards). This issue probably happens to those browsers which system is very different from each other (This is just my opinion), it looks like Firefox and Chrome are very similiar and probably have similiar files systems and works same, Internet Explorer is slower browser then Firefox or Chrome, it seems to work differently and do some more tasks at the same time than Firefox and Chrome so it must be different. The cause can be data saving, and the data is read or saved differently by different browsers.

3.This issue will happen if you are using Firefox browser which isn’t updated to the latest version.

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