Forge Shaman Basic Information

Forge Shaman Basic Information by DeadDave

Please feel free to add, Correct and share your comments. If you have any questions just ask! (Stay friendly)
I will discuss game play, first impressions, skills and changes I would make. I main a shaman and really enjoy the game play, I hope you do too! I simply wanted to make this post as general as possible so all types of gamers will understand, Thank you for reading! Happy Pvping!

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So you want to play a Shaman?
Let’s see if this is the class for you!
If you have not figured this out already, a shaman in Forge is a healer. Although the play style from other MMOs is a little different, in the end it’s similar and you just need to get the hang of it.

First Impressions – I will not lie, I joined my first game spamming buttons, Confused on how to heal, regain mana and how to protect my teammates. But the game got much easier as I learned each spell and how to maneuver and outsmart other players. I had no clue what I was doing, after Reading and doing some personal research it got much easier.  I learned fast, as Assassins attempted to jump me, Pyros melting my face and being locked down by wardens.

Game play- Playing a Shaman healer can be very rewarding and generous in EXP, I’ve never really gotten frustrated by it (coming from a hot head) which is nice. As a shaman healer you will typically find yourself in the back of the pack, subjected to the Assassins of the world. Lucky for us, back peddling in this game does not come with a speed reduction making escaping a breeze, or just wall jump away. However, don’t expect to be able to kill someone one on one and hope your teammates are aware enough to come pull the attacker off of you. I can’t tell you already how often the healer is left behind, so try to keep up with members of your group. Holding shift, like in many games will make you sprint, just be aware that it comes with a resource cost (mana). Avoiding damage to stay alive is key and needed to keep the rest of the team alive. I will be honest and say I try my best to stay in the back and use people as a meat shield, lucky for us, MOST spells do not travel though players making healing a breeze if gone unnoticed.

Skills – Listed in no particular order, with the expectation of the first skill.
I highly recommend that you RE-key bind skills so they are comfortable in a manner that you prefer. Key binds can be found in settings.

1. SPIRITUAL BALANCE- The most important skill of the shaman class. A 1.5 second cast that damages an enemy or heals an ally. SPAM this spell. Spiritual Balance is a heal over time that lasts 5 seconds and restores 20 mana per hit.

2. SPIRITUAL BOND- A one second cast for 3 mana, links one ally with the Shaman, sharing damage, healing and life. Lasts until canceled or falls off.

3. SPIRITUAL BURDEN- This spell has a 10 second cool down which slows enemy’s movement speed, costs 20 mana to use, good for escaping Assassins and large group situations.

4. BLESSED AURA- A large area of effect healing spell. Costs 20 mana per tick until all mana is extinguished or until the spell is canceled. WARNING: Very fast mana consumption, best used in large groups.

5. HEAL- Costs 30 mana and heals 80 HP. Heals more over time for every stack of Fervor on the target. (See Spiritual Fervor below)

6. SEED OF HEALING- The only shaman selfheal. Costs 30 mana, heals for 50, heals an additional 25/5 per second.

7. SPIRITUAL FERVOR- Blesses an ally making them do more damage as spirit damage. Using this attack grants stacks of Fervor. The more stacks of Fervor makes HEAL more useful, healing higher.

8. DOME OF PROTECTION- Cost 40 mana, 20 second cool down.. The Shaman makes a large shield protecting allies. Shield has roughly 330 health. If a team member is healed inside of the dome of protection the dome is healed NOT the player.

Changes I would make if I were the developer:

For the most part Shaman PVP is very enjoyable. However, there are a few things I would like to see fixed. These are simply my opinions.

1. Sometimes with spiritual balance I try to heal teammates but sometimes it accidently hits fully healed teammates because they crossed over or sometimes even enemies neglecting the ones who need a heal.

2. Dome of Protection is a very awesome spell however, when allies are within the shield all healing goes to the dome, even when it’s at 100% health. Maybe there can be a way to fix this because all heals have to go outside of the dome.

Will add more as I come across new information.

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